• What do y'all think 'bout piracy You can post or vote on poll... Don't worry it's a private poll
  • I'm not so sure this particular poll is a good idea. It could lead to some people getting themselves the boot due to admitting they do it on a regular basis.

    As has been said before, Absolute PlayStation is 100% against the illegal copying and sale of copyrighted material, be it games, movies or music. Here's some stats to ponder- the gaming industry loses billions of dollars each year due to it. That's money that could go toward paying the people for their hard work making the games and funding the R&D toward future games.

    I'll leave this open for the time being.
  • can the admins see all results
  • off topic: does the MoM announcement happen on a specific date
  • We can see who votes for what in polls. I did a vote just to check on this. If someone said "I like it" ... well, the possibility is there to bring out the ol' steel-toed boots. So, to avoid anyone making a total fool of themselves by admitting it I'll close this up.

    As for the M.O.M., we're deliberating on that for November now. Once we have all our votes/ nominations in we'll announce it.
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