Why cant I get internet
  • Hello guys

    I am new here so be nice to the newby .
    I bought my wife a PSP a few weeks ago so she had something to do while having Chemotherapy . I dont play with games machines so I dont realy understand what all the buttons do .

    Recently while sat at my desk I picked up the psp and tried to conect it to the internet :o

    I am fairly good with computers so I thought adding it to my home network would be quite easy . but I just get to the final stge when the gadget tries to obtain an ip address from the router and I get the message that it has timed out .

    I have followed all the tutorials on here but I still have no joy .

    Any ideas

  • You may want to try setting a custom IP address in your network for the PSP, using its MAC address in your router's DHCP setting. I found setting a specific IP address as well as adding in all the other numbers (router IP, subnet mask, DNS addresses) in the PSP's settings did the trick. You may also want to try setting the PSP into your network's DMZ.
  • I also have a question... Can you get psp internet using adsl (broadband)

    The same as the ps3

    your man

  • steve... no one's ever, EVER a newb, noob, n00b. Every1 is always welcome here at Absolute-Playstation
  • The answer is yes, shaddow- you just need a wireless access point such as a wireless router to connect to.