• what do u do after i enter the missile base???

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  • well you have to go in and talk to the right people and soon you well be a messenger giving info to the soldiers well to make a long story shhort you have to go to a computer AND SET THE MISS RATIO TO 100%. soon you well get into batlles then one with a huge tank heal alot and use electric attacks and youll beat it
  • When fighting the tank,be sure to use the boost ability when summoning Quasacult and Brothers.

    If asked,I shall share the boosting system with you.
  • After you become a messanger and got caught by the soldiers, go out of the base and you'll be battling the Spider. Use electric magic or boost quezacotl to defeat him. If you have time use draw
  • gee i dont know walk around for a little while u will figure it out.. actually where u go down the stairs where u r first stopped if u go behind them u will find to gaurds talking to themselves and then they will ask u to deliver a message. after that sequence u go to where the door is by the computer and u go in and hand it to the guy next to the missle with the clipboard he will tell u to go back and then u repeat the irst process all over again until he tells u to go to the power plant or whatever and then u jes smash it to bits then u go back out and u r caught again u say tat there is a problem we need ur help or somehting to the like then u follow them in there and beat the holy hell out of them and then u go back and u can use the computer tochange the missles trajectory then u go all the way to where the gaurd is and u go through and fight 3 soldiers then u walk around till u find the button that turns on the self destruct mode then u find the exit and leave this is where u fisrt encounter BGH251F2
    MUG HIM u will get an adamantine piece or if u cant u will get anouther chance at Fh after the whole sequece where u get the garden to move. THAT IS ALL NO NEED TO THANK ME JES DOIN WHAT ANY UPRIGHT CITIZEN WOLD DO
    Trunks :2silly: