• I ask this..:...:...:...:
    Where can I get Selphie's card?

    And zell's card?

    And squall's card?
  • You can get Zells card from his mom.

    Oh, and you can get selphies card from his freind in the garden that was bombed.
  • Zell's card...from Mrs. Dincht (Zell's mom) in Balamb.
  • You can also get Quistis' card from the 3rd person sitting at the table in the cafeteria in Balamb garden :thumbsup:
  • The full list of level 10 cards and where to get them from is as follows:
    Ward: Win from Dr Odine
    Kiros: Win from tyhe man in black in Deling.
    Laguna: Win from Ellone on the lunar base
    Selphie: already been mentioned
    Quistis: already been mentioned
    Irvine: Win from Flo in fishermans horizen
    Zell: already been mentioned
    Rinoa: loss the Ifrit card to her father then he starts using the Riona card. To win back your Ifrit card play mortimer in Fishermans horizen
    Edea: Win from Edea when she is at her home
    Seifer: Win from Cid
    Squall: already been mentioned