Ubi Soft's Myst Series...
  • As alot of you know, Ubi Soft set the stage in graphic adventure games with thier series, Myst. I had found myself emersed in that world for countless hours exploring and solving puzzles.....filling up pages and pages of clues. I have played them all from the first Myst to Myst 5 End of ages. I would like to hear from others about thier opinions of this game. Would you like to see one made for the PS3??
  • I don't know anything about it
  • i found it very difficult but for the time the visuals where stunning
  • I have never had a real gaming PC. That's what Playstation's are for. I've purchased several PC games, for sure, but that's just because I wanted to see what all the hype was about (The Sims... we've all bought it at some point). I can't afford to keep up with PC gaming because it costs to much to upgrade a PC. I'd rather use my console which gives me a better experience, doesn't crash every time I play a game, doesn't need virus protection, doesn't need to install the latest drivers, doesn't need to restart in the middle of a game, doesn't need a new graphics card, doesn't need a new sound card, and doesn't need a fan cooler just to work correctly.

    But yeah, I remember seeing Myst in the bargain bin at Walmart, and saying "Hmm". If they put it on the Playstation 3, I'd give it a look, but as you can see - I am completely against the idea of gaming on a home computer/PC/Mac. Too costly and too aggravating for me.
  • mopuse and keyboard mate its the best for 1st person shooters nothing comes close to battlefield 2 i tell thee, pc shooters just have that extra edge.
  • They had put Myst III: Exile out in late 2002 for PS2, and XBOX. Wasnt bad.