• Hello :cool:

    I have been trying to find the right cord to plug into my computer so i can play on PS2 live, i'm not sure an Ethernet one would work because i saw those are pretty much like the same kind of cord that would be plugged into a phone and there is not jack like that on the back of my PS2, i have one of the larger more original PS2's, Could anyone tell me what type of cord i can use or anything else that may help? :redface: Please? ;)
  • first you need the internet thing you attach to the back once you have purchased that just use ethernet cable.
  • You need to get yourself the PS2 Network Adapter for the ol' fat boy PS2 to go online. You may be able to still find these at places selling video games or, if all else fails, eBay.
  • Alright, thanks a lot guys :)