So, What Brought You Here?
  • So, what brought you here to APi? And maybe more importantly the Forum? What I mean is what was your very first post about? Or what made you decide to join (and keep returning to) the Forum?

    My first visit to Absolute Playstation was for codes for Star Wars: Dark Forces for the Playstation. I got my codes and it brought back some life to an old game that I played very rarely. And I believe my first visit to the Forum was about my Playstation freezing and I was looking for some solutions. As a newbie I was a little shy in my posts and just posted my question and left it at that, I didn't really look at the rest of the site. Then one day I ventured into The Stage and took a stab at a trivia question. I have no idea if I got it right or not but my post was a little like this...

    "I hope you don't mind if I jump into your game but I believe the answer is...

    Much to my surprise :blink: the next reply very polite. It was shortly after that I was visiting the Forum on a daily basis.
  • Lets see, i was actually looking for cheats on was that game hard...but pretty fun for such an early PS2 title. Anyway, i ended up not finding them here but I hadn't joined any forums before so i figured why not. I jumped right in, just like i do with most things in life and after getting over my problems, yeah i had some....I used to link to other websites but a few chats with Mr. Jim and i was straight and i haven't looked back since. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    Was just looking back and it seems that i was one of the members who contributed to your Freezing thread back in June of last year....imagine that.
  • I have never joined any forums before. This was my very first forum. I came in here asking questions about the next US release of the PS2. The next month (february) i got my little black box ^_^ I was inspired to help people and mainly posted in the PSone help for codes...which i still do. Then i started mingling with the others and I became good friends with everyone...and a son-in-law. Lolas daughter is beautiful and Lola said I could marry her :lol: So she calls me Son. Tiff calls me Son to.(hey dad).

    -Yea so like i said. We came acroos this place ofr one reason and joined for many. Thats my theory.
  • I was looking for info on the PS2 (which I recieved by the truckload) and seen some folks had questions that I happend to know the answer I joined.

    I was kidded about being Lu's "son" for awhile, hum Devilchild....Lucifer....I just don't see the connection. :lol:
  • It wasn't until a few weeks ago I finally remembered what got me here, the DOA2 'Spot The Difference' competition. The only reason I joined the forum was because you had to be a member to enter. After the comp, I guess I just checked out the forums while I was waiting for the next one (and i'm still waiting! ;) ), or I needed help with something - most likely the latter.
  • Hummmmmmmmmmmmm, I have to think about this... Well what got me here was the fact that I was looking for more info about my playstation 2 and stuff like that!
    I did a search engine on game sites and walla.... this is where it brought me.
    I took a peek inside and liked what I saw here so I joined the forums!
    The first few months I was only just reading whatever everyone else had posted.....
    After I got over being shy....... I started a thread asking for some help with SSX Snowboard. Everyone was so helpful and pretty cool so I felt at home here and over time made a lot of friends!
    This is one great game site, and I am here to stay! :lol:

  • well hmmm I was looking for final fantasy help nad came across here from a search engine.... my first post was in the front door then I figured id stay in the final fantasy forums....I stayed in there for a month not realizing i can post in other places to heh heh;) well thats me!
  • I was looking for answers or cheats. I honestly don't recall the game, but I do remember that I hadn't been coming here long when I started my first RPG (FF7) and I found an endless fount of advice here for that. What's kept me coming back is the interaction with the other members. Now I'm conditioned to it, and I have friends here I wouldn't know if I was standing next to. :D
  • OHMYGOD, I can't handle the pressure of such hard questions so early in the morning!! :wacko: I think I was looking for help/hints for FFIX and found this site purly by accident...... I really liked the look of it, and actually found some info that I had needed, so I just kept coming back for more!!! What I came to find out is that this is not only a site for gaming, but for friend-making also, and as I seem to have done that, I can't seem to leave!!! As Robert Plant would say "I can't quit you baby"!! hehehehee

    WB, you'd know me if I were standing next to you...... I'd be that chubby little woman wearing that tray of cookies on my head
  • My tale is not a glamerous one, I got kicked off the offical playstation site for using my own logo, which was copyrighted by (guess who? Thats right...) me! Then my brother hacked my password and started spamming, so bye bye Spike666 on that site. He now can not use the net as I have password the computer, the net and all the programs so he can't use it! I found this site by luck! Its much better than the offical one!!
  • I think I brought this up in my very first post,but I was talking with DL(at school) and when he gave me his sn, he asked if I wanted to visit his forum. I didn't know what a forum was but I figured it wasn't too hard to get used to. So,I came to DL's forum and then figured this whole thing out. Although at the time, I didn't have a Playstation,but I was saving up for I've just lingered around here ever since.

    Ah....the power of the brain in reminesing B)
  • I too had been looking for reviews/previews/tips, etc., about PS games, and also noticed a link to the forums. Having been to some real sh!t forums in the past, I wasn't in too much of a hurry to check this one out, to be honest.

    BUT I noticed that on a particular visit, there was a "last posted in" type message, and the thread in particular had to do with politics or something of that sort; which aroused my curiosity. I thought I'd take a chance and see what this forum was like.

    To my surprise, not only were there forums relating to games & gaming, but also general interest & joke threads as well. Even more impressive were the responses I read.........mostly well written and showing some actual thought behind them! (and if you've seen some other forums, you know how rare that is!)

    After just a few posts, I was greeted (via PM) by tiff, Lyndon, madhtr, Gideon & ER..........

    To make a long story short, I found API's forums by chance, and have not seen reason to visit other gaming forums on a regular basis since.
  • I found API in a search engine aboutr 4-5 years ago when looking for Tomb Raider Cheats. I used the site ever since. When I noticed about the members section I joined. My first post was in the front door just saying hello and a little about me.
  • Originally posted by madhtr@Aug 15 2002, 10:23 PM
    [b]Was just looking back and it seems that i was one of the members who contributed to your Freezing thread back in June of last year....imagine that.[/b]

    Well smack my a** and call me Sally!!! I just looked and I can't believe that thread is still kicking around! To bad my old membership/username was removed I was a little interested in what I posted. Thought for sure that that thread would have been long gone.
  • Believe it or not I stumbled upon this site by total mistake.I thought this site was interesting and I liked it I was looking for codes for something I don't even remember.I found them and I liked the site so much I just joined it and now you see me here today.My first post was introdusing myself to all the members here.
  • When I first experienced disk read errors on my PS2 I did an internet search to see if other people were having the same problem. This was the first place that popped up in my search. Myself I had never found a forum I liked (and was well monitered not TOO full of worthless posts) but I found that API has a nice community and have hung around the fringe of this forum ever since. I'm not as social as many of the members here cause I spend very little time on the internet and any free time in my life I spend reading books or gaming.
  • i rember a page like this,and this is what i told them...
    I was looking for some codes for one of my games in ask.(you know the rest)and this sited was alawys on the top and it kepet bugging me so i joined and now i'm here for ever
  • I was looking for information on a PS1 game and I saw there was a forum so I decided to join. And this is the first forum I went to. :)
  • Originally posted by stu_uk30@Aug 20 2002, 09:58 PM best mate spike brought me here he told me to check this site out so guess what i did lol and i think this site rocks :D it is a gr8 help and chat site i love it even though im only a newbie. well.... thats all :)

    I would be that mate, I brought the lamb to the slaughter! Who want some (lamb) chops? ummmmmmmmmmmm lamb!! Why the does it say unregistered next to his name for, he had registered, I saw him do it and even help him pick his advark (advator)!

    So can anyone help?

    Spike out :ph34r:
  • I was going to make something just like this topic so I decided to search and look what I found! Well, I was looking for some tips on Harvest Moon Back to Nature and I visited the members section so I just joined for the h*ll of it and I was hooked on this great site ever since. I done some wrong things but I know all the rules now(I think) :D
  • Basically I was coerced into joining the site just for the forums by Gideon. Him and me, we go way back so don't be surprised if a few private jokes appear from time to time in our posts.

    I had been planning on joining for quite some time now, but since I've spent most of the last two years traveling in some fairly backwater countries where the internet connection was soo slow you could barely view a page let alone make a post I never bothered. Now that I'm back in the big city I'll be around most days for a look in if nothing else.

    I've been very impressed with what I've seen in the forums, there are definately some intelligent well opinioned posters out there. Most of the other forums I've looked in over the years really don't match this at all. It's nice to see that people actually take the time to read a post that has more than four lines in it and are then able to make informed replies rather than just looking at the first line and then posting their own reply, often a reply that was in the previous post if they'd bothered to look properly.

    By the way Gid, keep it 146 not 5-7 :D
  • i was dragged here by lola.
    But i fought long enough to eventually buy a ps1 before i finally succumbed and appeared here.

    So you know who to blame now.

  • I had 8 different sites on my favorites list for my 'puter. I used them for cheats and walkthroughs. I didn't know what a forum was to tell you the truth. One fine bored day, I happened to notice the opportunity to try something new for free and entered the required data not knowing what to expect.

    Ever since star9 calls me an API junkie. I love the wide spectrum of topics for discussion, the fact that most of the replies are of an intelligent nature. I abhor ignorance. the people are courteous and friendly for the most part. I look forward every day to seeing what's up. Truth be told I just spent three days away from home, uupon arriving back I hooked up before unpacking.

    This is the greatest site, and I'm not going anywhere else. :D
  • I found the site back in 97', while looking for some help on a game, like most here. But never bothered to join. Looking back now, it's hard to fathom exactly why I didn't take the plunge? People here are very friendly and least I forget, for the most part witty. Guess I was just a bit put off by past encounter's with Forum's etc on other various site's! ;)

    Ever wished you could turn the clock back?
  • When I got myself hooked up on broad band the company supplying it had the curtacy of sending a internet magazine along with the cables and start-up disc (it couldn't have had nothing to do with the fact that there was an internet distributer test in this magazine ranking the as the best, nooo).
    Anyways, in this mag were as usual alot of reviews on sites tested, and on the GAME SITES section there was a headline that read "The best gaming site on the net, a must if you own or plan to own a playstation. 10/10" or something like that.
    So naturally I had to check it out.
    I had no idea what this place was, I joined and entered right into the forums where I started posting right away.
    It took me abot 1 month to discover that there were game cheat and tricks and 2 before I found the reviews. :lol:
    I've loved the place from the first moment we met.
  • Just surfing the net for game walkthroughs and game across this site.

    Saw the forum and decided to join. My first posts were about GTA3 and I believe I bugged Mad a bit about release dates for Australia.

    That was over a year ago and I am still here and notice the regualrs that come and go. I will still be posting for a long time to come because of the great feel of the site and the friendship shown and constant help that is available, not just with gaming but with life itself.

    :) :)
  • sometime in late 99 or 2000 I was looking for some help/hints with FFIX came across a few places but none of them were any good then I found the forums here with all the info you'd ever need and then some about the FF series, I believe it was Punk Buddy that helped me that hurt some unused brain cells........bored one day and decided to check out the rest of the forum and found some pretty interesting I still pop in from time to time to check the place out, this is the only forum I've seen stay around this long without degrading in the quality of members/posts it's only gotten better good job APi
  • I was held at gun point
  • Well I was actually looking for stuff on dothack when I looked on the search page and there was a link on what i was searching for and it brought me here and i've been stuck here ever since.
  • I actually can't remember what first brought me here but it was definatley that I was looking for PS1 cheats for something like FF7 and I happened across this site and had a look in the Forum, decided I liked it and started posting once my account was set up. And now I'm hooked on the site.
  • i was looking for help on resident evil survivor to see if i could save it. stupid game which made a good coaster!

    i didnt come back for a while, but then i split with my ex had more free time. made some of the best friends ever lola speedie tiff etc and neva looked back!
  • I got stuck on Chrono Cross... So I goolgle'd for a guide and found AP. I joined and got hooked on the news and previews. I don't consider buying a game before a quick visit here. As for the posting boards? It's just great to be able to be heard (even if by only 2 or 3 people) and reply to people with similar interests.

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