crazy tomb of the king
  • well a new system(PS2) and games opens up new areas along with probelms i just got FF8 today and i played it and im stuck i cant find the one thing you need to let the one guy let you pass in town so far ive chased the GF and turned on the one wheel thing and opened the one water gate but i cant find that guys ID if you know what im talking about help me
  • Oh that used to be a problem for me its at the very first four way street were you can go four ways when you first enter the tomb, its a blue sword

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  • At the very beginning of the tomb, theres a sword on the ground.
  • Yes the map helps alot,as the tomb is very compicatad without it.U WILL get lost without it.
  • not to sound too good at the game but i never had this problem. oh yes it would help to buy that map thing he trys to sell u its worth it. and u have to go drain the water then go back to the other side and the wall that had writing on it will be down then u turn the wheel or whatever is in there and a nother drawbridge will come down then u go to where the drawbridge is down and fight the brothers. oh yeah whomp on them and cast float on them cuz they regenerate health while touching the ground.... DUH!!!! lol
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  • I think you shouldn't escape the Tomb by checking the map and pressing the exit button, your SEED level will go down :thumbsup: Ah, and don't forget to encounter the Armado- red, brown monster with shell 'cuz he has Turtle Shell and Betryal sword!!! Bye :thumbsup:
  • I don't know about you guys.

    If you analyze the map vey well, all you have to do is keep going right!

    and if your done putting a shame on those brothers, just keep going straight!

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  • Mensk,
    Sonickitten advice is spot on. Either the first or second straight corridor you enter at the beggining of the tomb has a white line (sword?) on the floor (a little to the right).

    The code I read was 144 although I'm not sure if it's the same each game :thumbsup:
  • The code I read was 144 although I'm not sure if it's the same each game :thumbsup:[/b]

    Yeah it changes every game so you will have to get the code for yourself.
  • Umm SpeedDemon, but can you enter the code randomly just when you get to that city(I forgot the name) ???
  • Yes you can try to guess it once you reach Deling city, but it is a lot easier to go to the tomb of the unkown king and get the password for yourself.
  • But don't wimp out and not get the brothers. All you need to do is take left turns all the way through the maze. This will bring you out into all the rooms you need to enter. :D
  • thats right! the brothers can help you too!
    i think the codes change everytime you reset it or played it.
    well its better to go the the tomb and get the codes than make a guess
    at deling
  • Keep left? As far as I remembered I kept right! and it will lead you to the rooms where you should first be.

    .... :unsure: Somehow how I get the feeling that I'm too late and Mengsk already got out of

    Oh well! like what others members used to say long time ago, Better late than never
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    Well have fun posting! i'm sure you got the code already and the GF