tekken or mortal kombat;your opinion
  • I'd recommend that you get Tekken. It's a great fighting game and definitely something that you should tr yfor yourself. Well, hope that this helps in your gaming decision and have fun gaming.
  • in think tekken rocks and MK well its also good but tekken tag is the best!!!!:cool:
  • :read: nice to meet raziel.if u ask me which is better.i will said tekken.it has alot of moves for u to master.u can find the secrect moves at walktrough or cheat/code at api website.u should considering buyying tekken 3,it good graphic and alots of secrect moves.are u owning playstation or ps 2,cause i'm abit confused when he[madhtr] said about tekken tag.tekken tag is only for ps 2.if u could't find the secrect moves that u are looking for.u could post me or ask other members.happy gaming.
  • Going completely against the grain here! I prefer Mortal Kombat!

  • They are both great games but when it comes down to graphics and playability i'd go for Tekken :thumbsup:

    Have fun.

  • has to be tekken
  • i'd have to say mortal kombat cause of the secret animalities and stuff like that. tekken is good but mk rules:2devilish:
  • Tekken is best but if its gore ya want get any Mk game.:2devilish:
  • Tekken is the best all round fighting game but it all started with Mortal Kombat and those endless hours at the arcade trying to get past Goro..So it's a tie they both rule!
  • Tekken or Mortal Kombat???

    I both have this game, Raziel: Tekken 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Playstation. But I enjoy playing Tekken 3 than MK trilogy.

    Tekken 3 has far out better moves and combos than in Mortal Kombat.

    Mortal Kombat is also good but not as good in Sega Genesis.

    Mortal Kombat is my very favorite game in Sega Genesis
  • I like Tekken but have to go with Mortal Combat!
  • Tekken is the better fighter, but with a true 3D Mortal Kombat coming out later in the year (2002) it looks to be a good fighter and give T4 a run for its money!. Who can
  • I prefer Tekken. I feel that the game engine is a lot better, in the sense that the moves are more fluid (they have more than 2 frames per move) and realistic.
    Sure, MK isn't supposed to be realistic, and it is a decent game, I just prefer moves that link together seemlessly. I mean, who can go from standing still to punching in a split second?
  • Well..I would say Mortal Kombat due to the fact that I always enjoyed the little quirks in the game. From Scorpion's line that pulls them in and says "COME HERE" to Johnny Cage's punching in the manly apparatuses...but I was recently introduced to Tekken and I enjoy that game more than Mortal Kombat. B)
  • I prefer tekken, I'm no good at mortal combat

    Hey this is a very old thread back the time where Raziel, Game, jc, Charm... etc. were still active

    I wonder where they went :unsure:
  • yah youre right squall9999, i wonder where they went.
    Well i'm not that good with that two games unlike squall who is very addicted to tekken. Well i prefer Tekken than the old mortal combat.
  • Well not really an addict :unsure:

    I'm just a Guru at Tekken3 :lol:

    Well you're not a bad player at tekken at all, somehow you defeated me remember?

    Wanna rematch? :P
  • Squall is a very good player?
    well i like to challenge you hehehe

    Last edited by lady_rinoa011 at Aug 26 2002, 04:03 PM
  • Oh so you want to challenge me eh!

    I don't know who you are and how you play

    So who's your player? How often do you win?
  • i think being addicted is part of being a guru Squall
    youre right i won and dont ever forget that! hehehehe
  • um i dunno! i think my best bet is Paul hehehe
    hmmm.... how can we play tekken if you dont know me.
    hey where you from? I hope were in the same country so i can
    challenge you hehehe
  • To Zidane48

    Yes you did beat me but that was the time that I'm just a begginner, and now I'm a guru and you're not even a half of my skills :lol: so that means my learning ability is way much bigger than you B) hehehe.........

    To lady_Rinoa011

    Paul? I kinda thought that you would place your money on gon so I could fight you with true Ogre :D

    Anyway thats my star player too, but I hate to do a battle with same characters so I will most likely use Jin if you kept playing Paul.

    You like to know where I live.............. it's same country as Zidane48 hehe!
  • duh! i know how much youve learned from your lesson and i accepted it. I know you are a very good player in tekken but dont tell me that your learning ability is better coz i have other priorities like my studies. So who got a higher grade in our studies? hehehe :D were just the same at our skills ok
  • ok, hmmm its better if i have the chance to play with you two but i think we dont have the same country.
  • To Zidane48

    OK OK so you got me :P you may have better grades in studies than I do, but in this world of API its mainly about games :lol: and that means................

    To lady_rinoa011

    Yeah that what I thought of too. Oh well, fate sometimes get so cruel ;)
  • i think youve got the wrong idea squall, have you read my message at the thread "Life as a gamer" Life as a gamer
  • OK! OK! I give up.......... :unsure: But its still a draw

    You don't know when to hold back don't you :lol:
  • :D :P :rolleyes: hehehehe
    ok i agree its a draw
  • raziel said:
    hello every body iam raziel,
    sorry i could not post any messages as i was busy studying for my exams.
    so let me come back to my topic,my console is playstation. i have bought these two arcade games(tekken and mortal kombat trilogy) and iam unable to decide which one is better.u see tekken has got all the secret moves so does the mortal kombat,but one thing in mortal kombat is it is very difficult for anyone to find all the special moves as well as special fatalities where as in tekken we can find all the moves which are not in command list easily.
    so what do u guys think of it.

    I tend to agree mostly but I'm still learning so I'll keep reading till I get it completely.

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