Legion The Legend Of Excalibur
  • I was wondering if anyone out there knows why I cant always switch the players in *legion, the legend of excalibur*?? They usually switch when the battling begins but I cant switch multiple times after that and When I wanna change the characters after Ive ran off too distance myself from the enemy and I want to switch characters to heal everyone I cant switch them and this really sucks!! They dont always switch and this leaves me wondering if Im stupid or maybe the game is trying to frustrate me quite a bit??? ugfff, Does anyone know about this flaw in the game and have any tips on how to always switch characters ANYTIME I WANT TOO?
  • The R1, R2, L1, L2 buttons (shoulder buttons) issue
    commands to the playable characters. Pushing one of the
    shoulder buttons and immediately releasing it switches to
    that character. A legend in the lower left corner shows
    which buttons are assigned to which characters. Pushing
    and holding a shoulder button brings up the command menu
    for that character.

    This is what i found from a gaming faq site. Hope this helps in some way.