Last Destruction Sphere
  • I'm at the Zanarkand Trial, the one with the Tetris puzzle... Is it there where I can get the 6th Destruction Sphere? If so, where?!
  • Yeah, it's where the last destruction sphere is located... to get the Destruction Sphere Press all the White Squares, like the monitor shows... After pressing them... the Monitor will go up and the Destruction Sphere will be there... In the other part of the room (with the elevator) put the Destruction sphere on the right side making a chest appear with the Weapon Magistral Rod for Yuna with the Half MP Cost Ability... and you'll be able to get Anima now...
  • I've put both kilika and besaid spheres on the columns and all the others are "inside" the wall already as well. The floor of the first room is lit, very very bright and a save point has appeard... and I still can't find any destruction sphere. If I go to the room, the boss appears.... is it AFTER the boss?!
  • you have to fight the bosses, leave, and go back to the Zanarkand puzzle a little later before you can get the destruction sphere treasure.
  • When you do go back to the Zanarkand Ruins then the puzzle will be different but it's not too hard to finish. In this test you'll need to activate the 3 squares in the first room and the 4 squares in the second room(check monitors for locations). After this, in the first room you'll find that the monitor is opened where you'll get the Destruction sphere where you'll do as Massaki mentioned to get the Magistral Rod. Oh, just to let you know, it's not the destruction spheres that get you in to get Anima, it's the hidden items you get from using those spheres. Now, one of the most powerful Aeons of the game is yours.....well once you learn some disturbing things about Seymour and his past. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.