Beyond The Beyond
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    I am a new gamer and bought "Beyond the Beyond" to learn how to play RPG's. I have a gameshark for the old Playstation 1 and it contains a lot of codes that work. When i enter the code for eliminating random battles, the game won't start. The codes i have are "801FFE02 0100" and "801FFE02 0000". Unfortunatly, neither of these codes work!! Is there ANYONE or anyway to figure out how to turn these battles off!!!!

  • Usually eith rps', in my case, putting in GameShark codes during the game freezes the game. You have to put in the codes and then start a new game. This happened to me playing Final Fantasy 7. AND NO I TRIED AFTER I BEAT THE GANE A MILLION TIMES. Thats for those who may ridicule me. Anywway..

    1) Load this code in the GameShark: 801FFE02 0100
    2) Load the code but start a new game.

    -If this doesnt work then imk afraid its the game that doesnt support the codes. Like all of us RPGers around here we arent shunning those who use codes but we strongly urge people playing an RPG to not use codes the first time. A little challenge makes you a better gamer. See you around.