365 Days Later.....
  • Well, it's been a year and since the attacks, and most all of my predictions (as I recall them) have crapped out. I recall a time of great fear here at APi, and a call for blood. I also recall a deep mourning and sympathy as well as an awareness that we not go off half-cocked and nuke an innocent party.
    Like I said, it's been a year, and still we haven't brought the one we suspect to justice, and we're on the verge of targeting another enemy. In many ways this past year has been different from any I've experienced, and yet in many ways it's been similar.
    Please, post here anything you might be feeling, even if it's outrage at the amount of airtime the networks are devoting to covering the anniversary/birthday/date of the attacks.
    What do you think?
  • 9/11 is a date that is ingrained in all of us as having particular reference to certain events. It
  • All right, we all know that I don't speak as eloquently as some here ( Gid, WB ), but I do have an opinion about all this. So many people are ready for another attack today, this being the 1 year anniversary of that horrendous attack on this country, but I for one don't believe that anything else is going to happen........ today. They are obviously are not stupid, or else they wouldn't have gotten away with it one year ago, so they've got to know that we'll be on high alert today, which we are. I don't think they are finished with us, not by a long shot, but I just don't believe that that next shoe will drop today. It's just too obvious.

    Am I worried or frightened? Nope. I do abhor the fact that so many innocent lives are lost in such attrocities, but probably for much of a different reason than many of you here. Won't get into all that here though........

    I never did think, really, that Bin Laden would be caught and brought to justice so easily and quickly. Those guys are apparently no strangers to hiding and skulking about...... they know how to 'hit and run'... and hide. But, nor do I believe that we've given up on him...... I surely don't believe all that I hear from the press, on the rare occassions that I pay attention..... it's so frequently painted a different colour (or many different colours) so much as to make the truth undiscernable anymore. Somewhere down the road, it'll all come out in the wash, and I have no fears that he WILL be brought to justice. Might not be American justice, but so much the better for that!
  • The month of September of last year was the most horrible month I have ever experienced. Sept 9 was the death of my uncle and 2 days later the death of many more. Sure was a great way to start my last year of high school.

    -The government may or may not know where Bin Laden is. Suffice to say we are being threatened by another force. So far it loks like we are being hit form the inside and the outside. Why does everything involve power? We are a great country because we let people do as tey please but under a simple set of laws. More moral than anything. If we are that bad then why dont the other countries learn from this and try and adopt a different way of life. Seems to me power and money is the only thing higher ups look for. When will it end...
  • Well, this may not be a popular opinion amongst my fellow Americans but I believe that the horrific events on this date a year ago served a good pupose in some ways (It also caused alot of blind rage in others).

    The Bad: thousands died, familes were ripped apart, there is no denying that the loss of human life is an awful cost, no matter what messege you are trying to get on center stage. The aimless racial and religiously motivated beatings and hate crimes that took place after the fact.

    The Good: At least for me, I tend to be very open minded and judge very little. I believe that this act opened some US citizens eyes as to the fact that some civilizations around the globe do not need "the help" of the "free" world. No matter how backwards they seem to be to us, it is the way they choose to live and it is not our place to dictate to them how they should live.

    That is just the way I see it, and to add a lil' rant to this I am sick of seeing companies selling their "limited edition, one of a kind, you are only a true American if you buy one of these" wares on TV, the greed that these people are grasped by is sickening.

  • One year ago this day changed the world forever. Freedom was taken from countless people.

    When bin Laden is brought to justice I hope that it is street justice and not being thrown on a table to recieve a humane lethal injection. Hopefully the special forces (or whomever it may be) group that captures him dispense a little justice of their own before turning him in. Bin Laden and his followers deserve to die a horribly long painful death. :angry:
  • Well, on September 11, 2001..I woke up like any normal day not having a care in the world except desiring more sleep. Once I reached my zero period class they had said the World Trade Center twin towers had collapsed. I had no idea what they were until I came to History and saw two towers collapsing due to plane flights...and then children were dancing along the streets and that made me really mad.

    What I think is a good question because there is not much flowing through my head about it, except deaths of many many many Americans by other Americans.

    It doesn't make sense to me why these people would attempt to destroy our nation when we [the Americans] give them a chance to actually make something of themselves and have great freedom and everything else that we have to offer.

    Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is how "patriotic" we appeared to be that day after and the week as well. Yet, a month or two later, we put our American flags away in the corner again. Much less, it also angered me how we needed such a terrorizing event to make us become so "patriotic". Patriotism should be going on and on...should it not?

    I'll end this little post with a quote my history teacher said today.

    "To be, rather than to appear." B)
  • Well, I Had just finished Surfing the net when i went downstairs to the lounge room This was about 10pm(Aus) On Sep 11...Dad Didnt look happy he said a plane had hit the north tower.....We knew it was a terrorist attact immediately because of the bombing in 1993.

    And then we saw a second plane hit...

    we heard people yelling on tv

    I watched the events unfold......it was like a horror movie only this was real!

    I didn't sleep at all that night

    I Realised How serious the events were when a newsreport said that there were about 8000 people in each of the towers.

    And then A few weeks on i saw the tape with that di#khead bin-laden laughing about the attacks

    In the daily newspapers on September 12 There was a special memorial for the victims.

    It showed pictures of Palastinians dancing in the streets,that made me sick

    A total of approx. 3047 people died in the attacks......

    Do you think that a loss of life this horrific should be danced about??

    They looked so happy in the pictures it made you want to murder them if you ever saw them again.

  • Yes it's kinda hard to believe it has in fact been a year.The day it happened I just woke up and my mom was watchin the news(she never does)and she said the towers are down.I was still sleepy I said "huh" then she said what happened that woke me up immediatley.At first I obviously though oh my gosh this is not happening but then I realized it was true.It hit me a brought memorys of all loss I have experienced in my life.I thought about the poor souls that died and so much more it made my heart hurt literally.One thing that does piss me off though is that it took something like this to make people hang the american flag when it should have been hung in the first place.But what is done. But I do see a silver lining in all this,having it been a year we have proved that we can all make it.And now our nation stands stronger than ever.

    And once again to any one who lost someone on that day my deepest sympathy and apologies are with you.9/11 is truly a day that will be remembered forever.But there is no rule that says that we can't make it a good day by honoring those who died.May they all rest in peace.
  • Well the experience I had to day on 9/11 was diffrent I can say that.

    First of are each kid at are highschool got one piece of strip paper that had the name of a person that died on it and some info on where they used to live and stuff. Some teachers were giving out extra credit if some people got extra info on the person they got.

    But when the first bell rang are princible asked for a moment of silence and after about 30 sec. I herd a truimbet playing,in the main hall of the school, the star spangled banner. The kid mest up a few times but I thought that would take alot of guts to do that, so I gave him props.

    And also tomaro every policeman and fire fighter and other goverment executive branch jobs will join are school in a barbaque. SO that sounds cool.
  • Well for me I wasn't looking forward to this day.... Being it was such a sad day in history on 9/11/01.
    Why I ask why? Did we really need the media to show the film clips of the planes hitting the towers over and over again??
    The terrorist did win.... I'm sure they watched by satelite dish the goings on of the days events. We need to be a strong country!!! After all we are the number one super power.... We shouldn't apear to be weak in the eyes of the world.
    The United States has it to easy and its a gimmy gimmy country! we are so spoiled, with oil from other countrys, are gas guzzeling cars and power consuption. Don't get me wrong...... I love this country!!!! But get real.... we run around and think we are the police of the world!!! We have really pissed off a lot of countrys in the middle east and else where! They think we are evil
    It was only a matter of time before something happened here in are part of the world.

    And now are president wants to go start a war in Irac???? Come on.....
    Not one country will support him on this..... only Tony blare.
    I am glad I didn't vote for this person......

    I guess I will get off my rant now.......... <_< :angry: :blink: <br />
  • No one hopes that something like this would happen but it did and it's now been a year. I mourn for the loss of lives but tomorrow is a new day and you can't always live in the past and moving forward is the only thing that you can do now. In memory and rememberance of the 11th though, i close this thread. Remember that eventhough we've lost many lives through the attacks, we as a country have gotten stronger and will continue to do so. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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