• who do you like
  • i said maria couse she sounds like she will do almost anything hehehehe and plus she pretty kool :o :D :P
  • I also go for Maria..
  • I'd have to say Maria too.
  • Like everybody else I like Maria the best.
  • I guess I have to go with Maria to she's hot.
  • I also voted maria. Damn shes hott!!!!!! Hey keep away from my girl!! :P
  • Well maria got my vote.

    :lol: "technely miguel becuse he is a wuss" good one.
  • I think both Maria and Catalina are hot but overall I chose Maria. :P
  • Id have 2 go with miguel! NAH im only messing, i vote MARIA!!!
  • I think she a air head but I would have to pick Maria as well :lol:
  • I would have to say Maria,

    Although that White Trailer Trash Ho bag really gets the suspension pumping on my Rumpo and gets me feeling real healthy. Then just when its all going good she gets out of the car so I hit over the head with the baseball bat and take all my money back as she lays in a bloody heap on the ground. :o

  • Hmmmm, I would have to say Asuka, maybe it is her take charge, no nonsense, do as I say and you will get a cookie, whips and chains, handcuffs, smacking my............................................(DC will stop there because he is getting over heated and abit carried away with a vivid mental picture, and that is not a good thing)

    Now where is Speedies AV!!!!! ;)
  • I voted for one of them, but can't remember which one, but they are hot to me! I won't mine 5 minutes in the back of my car especially with Maria!!