Can You Help Please
  • Well people, i've made the very bold step forward and bought myself a PS2....
    I want help from all my fello gamers, to decide which 4 games to purchase first;

    After reading tons of reviews,
    My current options are:
    Quake 3 Revolution
    Dead or alive 2: Hardcore
    unreal tournament
    ATV Offroad fury
    Twisted Metal: Black
    Grand Turismo 3: A Spec
    sky odyssey
    Rumble Racing

    Please Help me decide which 4 to buy first....
  • Dappy,
    I am sure that many of us here will agree on GT3 and SSX. As for the other two, you may want to consider Quake 3 Revolution and Twisted Metal:Black. Quake 3 is an awesome fps on the PC and PS2. There are tons of character to choose from once you have completed the game. When you have put in enough time into the game, you will find which weapon you are most suited to.

    As for TM:B, the weather effects are good and is a good multiplayer game. Try getting some mates around and you will spend hours of fun blasting them.

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  • SSX is an awesome snowboarding game and it looks great and sounds great. I'd recommend this as one of your choices. Quake 3 and Unreal are much better on the PC but if you're looking for a FPS i'd recommend Red Faction as another choice. DOA2 is a good game but with many fighters coming up, including VF4 and Tekken 4, i'd recommend you waiting for one of them and besides before long DOA3 will come to the PS2. GT3 is an awesome racer and this would be the last game i'd recommend but it's probably one of the best out at this time. ATV, TMB, Sky oddysey, and Rumble Racing are all great games but because you are only getting 4 games at this moment, i would recommend you buying these games eventually except i'd wait for Sky Oddysey 2 first. I hope that this thread helps you choose the four games that you deem your best choices.
  • Thanks to you all,
    You really helped....

  • [b]I've seen a few articles from other competent sources as well,Dappy-according to them the game will be "exclusive to XBox" for about 6 months and then can be put out on other systems.So maybe somewhere in 2002 the ladies of DOA will be back on PS2 again.
  • Dynasty warriors 2 was good
  • Well when I got my ps2 I bought
  • DAPPY1, from that list, I want to add Crazy taxi and the magazines seem to like F1 2001 too:)
  • [b]Dont get F1 2001 unless you are very big into F1 games - i have it and its not really that hot and there is some shocking slowdown.

    Crazy Taxi is fun - for about 2 days and then its very shallow.

    i would suggest GT3 and SSX - and Madden if you like US Football (i am not a fan but i LOVE this game)

    DOA2 is the best beatem up (as Tekken 4 or VF4 and out to 2002)

    Red Faction is a good FPS and has much more depth than Quake, UT or Timesplitters - but TS or Quake are the options if you are looking to blow up your friends ;)
  • If you are a fan of the medal of honor series, a third and fourth game will be out in early 2002. The first, which is a fps, simmilar to the first two is called moh: frontline.

    The second will be a fighter command game called MOH: fighter commander
  • Just FYI, mavm, it is against the forum rules to post links to other gaming sites. For your convenience as well as the staff's, please remove the link. Also DOA3 will be out on the PS2 as well. Airblade, Dead to Rights and Grandia 2 and tentatively scheduled Grandia X are some great games you'll want to add to your collection. Well, hope you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • SSX is by far one of the best snow boarding games I have ever played.
  • Well I'm no expert but I would only suggest three of the list you posted.
  • dappy you could probably trim the fat off that list so to speak by cutting it down too:
    *Twisted metal black
    *ATV Offroad fury
  • Out of the games in that list that i've played, I would have to say:

    1. GT3 - A Spec
    2. SSX
    3. If you liked silent hill on PSX, save your money for SH2. It looks damn good, DAMN GOOD!:cool: (and freaky, you'll want a spare pair of pants for this :wink:)
  • Go for the "Big Guns" and forget the rest.

    GT3 & ATV Offroad Fury

  • Dappy, maybe if you narrowed down what are your favorite types of games we could better help you decide.
  • I would go with Dynasty Warriors 2, Twisted Metal: Black, SSX, and Metal Gear Solid 2. Dynasty Warriors 2 is my favorite. :wave:
  • Out of those games you've listed I'd pick GT-3, SSX, and Twisted Metal Black.
  • :D
    I recommend GT3 for it is without a doubt one of, if not THE best PS2 title out at the moment. SSX is also a brilliant game.
  • Metal gear solid 2, spashdown, GTA3 would be the top of my list, and don't forget madden 2002