• i just picked up hitman and was wondering if there's any info as in the way of cheats/walkthough's yet. thanks
  • I haven't been able to locate any cheats or walkthroughs for this game yet but i will continue to look and if i find anything then i will post it here. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • same here m8 if i get any i'll pm u with it.
  • Where are you stuck?
  • I think it's a bit too early for any cheats or walkthroughs to be found on this one.It had only just been released this past week.Some will crop up eventually I'm sure-meantime why not post your problems and someone should be able to help you out.
  • hey PANIC,I just pmed you some help on hitman and i think there are some Strategy Guides in there.
    I hope i helped

    Hey i found some more stuff for ya
    here ya go

    Unlock Sawed-off Shotgun
    To unlock the sawed-off, beat any two missions with a Silent Assassin ranking.

    Unlock Silenced Ballers
    To unlock the Silenced Ballers, get a Silent Assassin ranking on any mission.

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