• hi..
    i really need to know this... i`m near ahh seymour.. and i can`t kill `em..
    so i leveled up.. now i`ve got sphere points but can`t spend them becouse i need sphere level 2.. i need the key lock no.2... my auron has enough power to match his strength but i need another one just as him.. so i made wakka great.. but there are 4 hp sphere near me but they are behind level 2 lock.. i need one to open it but how.. how do i get one.. ths is not the first seymour.. its the 3rd or 4th.. the one you meet in the snowy area...
  • I think this question has been asked before so maybe check the anwer forum....But I dont think there is a level 2 sphere near there (unless u find one while battling) so just keep leveling up and using your summons and u can do it;)
  • This one is kinda tyough but bear with my strategy, it works.

    1) Seymour is accompanied by 2 gaurdians. You must steal a potion from each one. If you dont they will heal themselves every turn. If you steal they cannot heal anymore. So take them out first.

    2) Yuna now has a new summon creature. Seymour will summon Anima so be prepared. Have Yuna summon the ???? aeon and she will cast...well your in an ICY area so figure it out! Have that aeon cast the same elemental type on itslef to heal. Use the aeons overdrive to do 9999 of dmg. It does it most of the time, sometimes it does 9888 but nothing lower.

    3) When Anime is dead unsummon the aeon. Seymour will cast multiple spells so have Tidus cast haste on the party or Yuna so she can heal everyone. If you learned Warrior as overdrives for Auron and Tidus it will come in handy. Thier overdrives will build up faster as you attack Seymour. Have Yuna heal and Lulu cast BIO. If she did not learn bio then have Rikku throw a poison type at Seymour. After the hits and poison seymour will be defeated.

    -It worked for me, hope it helps you out.
  • He meant the 3rd seymour not the first;) nice stratagy though :)
  • hi..
    maybe i`m not there yet... i am on the seymour that you meet in the snowy area.. when rikku says that yuna is going to get the final aeon.. and then seymour comes.. hey he has no guardians with him... he is alone sitting in a machine type thing.. which is flying.. do you remember now.. the one you reach after the ronso peak.
  • level up Yuna and her Aeons will level up with her. Fill all your Aeons' overdrive gauges and save them for the battle with Seymour. When Bahamut's overdrive does 25,000 damage against normal fiends you'll be ready. Seymour usually doesn't use his best attacks until his HP are low, and if you save Bahamut's Mega Flare to finish Seymour off after weakening him with your other Aeons and party members it should be much easier.
    there's another way to do it using Wakka's Attack Reels overdrive combined with Rikku's Mix overdrive to make Wakka's attack do 12 times 9999 damage. You need to mix a Quartet of 9 and use it on Wakka, but Rikku uses it on one party member at random, or mix a Trio of 9999 and make sure Wakka doesn't get killed before he attacks.
    there are dozens of item combinations you can Mix to get a Trio of 9999 but most are rare so i don't know if you'll have them. a Dark Matter + Bomb Core = Trio of 9999; 2 Wings to Discovery mix to a Trio of 9999- bribe a Malboro for them or win them at Remiem Temple's chocobo race; 2 Doors to Tomorrow mix to a Trio of 9999- win them at Remiem Temple's chocobo race
  • hi..
    can`t kill that thing.. maybe i`ll sit back and wait for my gameshark.