Who's missing a member? (no jokes!)
  • BBB is still around...He first changed his s/n to Fox_Mulder and now he's Billy Madison....So he's still around but just was changing identities.....but he's still here with his Billy Mad. av. Gr8 has been missing for quite some time and unfortunately haven't seen Charm.....Hopefully they'll drop by and let us know how things are going. well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'm still here Oddish....thanks for mentioning me I feel so special :) Yeah I had a John Mellencamp syndrome where I changed my name a few times but it's gone now so let's party! B)
  • u guys didnt remember me u b**tards just coz i'm english ur forgetting me!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been of 4 a while due to getting a real bad report so i got grounded and when i got back on i could'nt post so i've ad to register a new acount happy posting. :ph34r:
  • *knocks politely*
    *pokes head around door*
    Did I hear my name mentioned?

    I would have been here sooner but somebody changed all the locks and then I got lost and then I got new keys but I couldn't get them to work....and relax. But I'm here now and I think six weeks between contacting Staff to re-animate me and actually getting back on the forums is quite good for me! ;)

    So, quick update. Fliff, you're quite right - I have actually been doing some work on my computer and I honestly don't e-mail anyone from work, it's just all hard slog for me (you know who you are - don't mention all the funnies that I get, I don't want my cover blown, they have to believe me).

    I've moved from WTFL and now I'm in Yeovil and have a lovely view of the cattle market from my (third) office (in nine months). The house finally exchanged (four months to the date of making the offer for it - and it was apparently straighforward) so we move in on 1 August - me, the boy and the dog. Ah, bliss. So it's laminate flooring, painting and steam cleaning from here until Christmas.

    I am still the up-to-date gamer that I always was, being on the home straight for Sheep Dog and Wolf and Resident Evil 3, and still ploughing through Klonoa and SSX Tricky.

    Well that's it for the time being. The boy's out of bed now so time for breakfast - beans and fried eggs on toast - mmmmmm! (Don't knock it until you've tried it).

    It was really nice to know that I've been missed. Fliff was also right that I haven't had a pc since November but that is about to change so I may be a bit more often to catch up. Jim B retired - I don't believe it!

    Big hugs to the special people - Majik, Tiff, Lyndon, Fluffy and thank you for caring.

    Have to go now, feeling emotional... :mellow:
  • Welcome back Tidus. How have you been? :)
  • YAY!!! We've got both HOQ and gr8white back with us :)

    Good to see you're settled now Lotty with your job and the house! A lot has changed around here! But the APi coffee is still the same ;)

    See you around the forum guys!!! :D
  • I haven't seen meowzer89 come on in awhile. Anyone know what's up with that? B)
  • I think i saw him in hear last week late at night,But some times i see him come on aol/aim instant messanger,So i will ask him next time i see him come on there

    hey red I just saw him in hear about an hour ago...soooo he's hear
  • HOQ, I really liked the catwoman thing, but it's good to have you back with any avatar. I doubt that you'd remember me, but I hope to see you around. Now, where's Haplo35?
  • I think this question has been asked before but i'm not shoure.so here goes.Where is sam w staff, and tom, and all of the old staff members at??? are thay gone like jim is or what???
  • No, most of the old STAFF members still do reviews for the site it's just that many of them don't post anymore. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Originally posted by Worfsonofmog@Jul 16 2002, 11:58 PM
    Your right Speedie.... I havn't seen Gr8whiteShark in a long time either.... I liked his sharp wit!

    Or did you mean warped sh!t? :D

    It's good to be back people. Nice new look! Missed Av 5 Awards. Gearing up for Av 6! Amazing how some of the thread topics haven't changed.
  • Originally posted by gr8whiteshark+Aug 1 2002, 03:21 AM-->QUOTE(gr8whiteshark @ Aug 1 2002, 03:21 AM)
    @Jul 16 2002, 11:58 PM
    Your right Speedie.... I havn't seen Gr8whiteShark in a long time either.... I liked his sharp wit!

    Or did you mean warped sh!t? :D

    It's good to be back people. Nice new look! Missed Av 5 Awards. Gearing up for Av 6! Amazing how some of the thread topics haven't changed.[/b][/quote]
    You're not wrong there Gr8! Funny how some of the newbs can't use the search facility or even use the links to previous pages!!! :wacko:

  • I'm not sure if they've been mentioned in the thread before, or if I missed something about them leaving, but I haven't heard from Fart or Evil Resident. Does anyone know where they went?
  • ER is in every now and then but he's been pretty busy recently. Fart has been in and out so i'm sure he'll visit again after a bit. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Sapphire hasnt been in for ages!!!!

    Where are youuuuuu bird??
  • I talked her into visiting yesterday. She's just not had the time to visit. She would like to be around more often....I'll try and keep her in. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I haven't been around much lately because i have been working hard and been getting in late at night, also other members of family have taken some interest in the PC so it hard to get on at times but hopefully i'll get more time to come on :)

    Catch you's around.
  • ITs alright ER I know how ya feel I have had endless hours of school and people taking turns for the PC....I still come on oftem but not as often as i want to ;)
  • What the heck has happened to Danny.

    Havent seen him around for ages.
  • He had mentioned a while backthat he didn't enjoy the site as much as he used to. He may or may not be in on and off from now on. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Gosh madhtr! you sure know a lot! :blink:

    How did you come up being close to almost all of the members?

    Anyway to put my post in a proper place, Has anyone seen tiff? I've already seen lola every now and then but no sign of tiff :unsure:
  • He posts every now and then but he doesn't have too much time to get online with his work and other things that he does. Right now though he is visiting Lola so you won't see much of either of them. You'll know when he's back because they'll start posting a bit more. Oh, and i haven't really thought about that Squall but I guess because i'm a friendly guy... Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • And masterman hasnt been around for some time now.Whats happened to him.
  • I'm still around Gab (bet that scares you doesn't it?) but as Mad said, the site doesn't appeal an awful lot to me any more. There are better things to do than gaming... ;)

    I'll come on sometimes to chat, but not often.
    Glad you remembered me though.
  • :( :o nobody has missed me :( well any ways if there's anyone that cares *wipes away a tear* my old computer crashed and i just got my new one yetsrday. So i'm back.
  • [quote]Originally posted by dark_angel_15@Aug 17 2002, 03:40 PM
  • well I'm back again thankfully. I've been getting sick, and hanging out with my uncle a lot lately which is why I havent been here. *cough* and mom has a new boyfriend which is kinda making me mad since she'll listen to him and ignore me all day. Which is fine, forget her...if she doesn't wanna say anything to me but " I'm going out to the bar with John, get off your lazy stupid ass and clean up." then fine. Hrmph....well anywho I'm making my own avatar. Go ahead and laugh but it's gonna look pretty neat ^^. Sorry for leaving you guys, I missed you!
  • Whoa umm I am back no one missed me :o
  • A.J., where the heck have you been man!?!?!? Sure is good to have ya back!!!!! Now, get to work on that av to have it ready for the awards!! hehehee ;) :P
  • heh heh yeah right I dont which one to pick
  • hmm, nice to see you guys too. Well I'm gonna go sit in my room and read or something to get my mind off of why no one cares about me anymore and I'm not talking about you guys. I'm talking about my whole damn family and all my backstabbing good for nothing friends who've all decided I'm not good enough anymore. Then maybe when mom gets home I'll feel better and get the whole idea of suicide out of my head. Sounds good to me doesn't it? I wouldn't kill myself anyways but thinking about doing it really feels awful. I need to write or draw or something, see ya later... :(
  • Ah, yes, the pain of having no one around you that cares about you....I too have felt the pang of this going through my veins throughout my short life but there are escapes, you just have to find them....they're out there. To tell you the truth, i doubt i would still be around if i hadn't of found this site to be able to help......I guess you could say this site saved me from something that wouldn't have been very good. Anyway, we're always here to be able to listen and help in any way that we can. I hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What no one misses me? Well if you have and posted I only looked at the last page....heh heh... Anyway I'm going to be in and out...mostly out, thanks to school starting up again. Plus I have sports and I jammed my gaming finger so gaming has been painfull even now as I type or try too I'm in pain. Well see ya around...

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink and Game!
  • Anybody at all hear from Lucifer yet? I can't believe that he would go this long without a 'net connection or at least checking in.
  • Lucy was going through a move and is still getting everything settled down. There's no ETA on his return but you'll definitely know when he's gracing us with his presence know as he'll let us all know. We all hope that he's able to make it back soon. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    While moving the last bit of stuff from the truck, he fell and injured his wrist and some ribs. :o :( He's ok, but obviously it's hard to type with a broken wrist, so that is the reason for the lengthy absence. I intend to put this also in the "General" area, for those who don't look in here very often. Also, just fyi, he never said anything in his email that I should not say anything in here, and as obviously there are many in here who care and are concerned, I thought I should share this heads-up.
  • Raziel is missing!!

    That guy sure does have a quality post and he even have a format on posting, it looks like a formal letter, making him look polite.

    So, does "Big bro" have anything to say about his mysterious disappearance?
  • Hey do you remember Charm?
    well shes one member i cant forget heheheh
    do you agree squall9999? hehehe
    i remember lots of things about her hmmm......
  • *pokes hed around door**hello ne 1 miss me *(silence)awwwwwwwwww
    :( :( :(
  • I haven't noticed that you have been gone Tidus_2002, had you been away anyway?

    In reply to Zidane

    Whats with the big grin face? You sound like I know lots of things about her. Read my post "I don't know where she is!"
  • Heloooooo Tidus!!!!! Now i noticed hehehheh

    well i thought you know lots of things about her,
    sorry for that.... hehehehehe
  • I haven't seen Danny on in awhile...wonder what happened to him.. :unsure:
  • Right before the last awards he mentioned that he probably wouldn't be in the forums very much because he was getting a little bored, or something along those lines. He still comes by for a visit every now and then. I'm sure he'll stop in and say something about it now.....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey all!!! Its been awhile since i logged on, I couldnt get on for a while and totally forgot about this place :( Well a while back I got my PSone sold because of my low grades, but if I get a good report this term I'll be getting a PS2, and so far my marks are looking good. Well while i was gone I have been playing in my band and we have composed a couple of songs, I've been skateboarding often and alot of other stuff :D Well I hope to visit the forums more, See you all around :)
  • OMG. Welcome back Cloud. I've missed ya. Keep up your good work. :D
  • Nice to see you RedKennypup :D Hope to see you in the forum more often :D
  • Good to seeya Cloud. Im glad your back.
  • I haven't seen TLSS for a while wheres he been? :(
  • Not quite sure where TheLegendaySolidSnake has been, but I am curious why you are asking about a member who stopped posting long before you joined.
  • That is a very interesting question though Rex and i sure would like to know this myself....I had noticed this before and hadn't really thought about it......So, Vegeta.....who were you before Vegeta? Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I am in tears!! No one missed me!! I thought we were all one caring community, I know that I missed you guys and gals!!

    , when I laid my text before thee...

    There I am done...

    Spike out... :ph34r:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Nov 10 2002, 07:36 PM
    Not quite sure where TheLegendaySolidSnake has been, but I am curious why you are asking about a member who stopped posting long before you joined.

    Just because he stopped posting does not mean that his posts aren't still around. Prehaps Vegeta saw some of his older posts and wondered where he has gone. ;)

    Also, RedK, I'm still here. I've missed catching up with you in the chatroom, but Mad is correct, I get a little bored around here now. It hasn't been the same since the move, and I don't know why. :(

    Well, talk to you all later, and I am still on the net every day, so if you wanna chat, email me at [email="webmaster@sonicfusion.tk"]webmaster@sonicfusion.tk[/email]. (I know I keep changing my email address, I've been having a little trouble with spammers just recently.


    EDIT: Congrats on reaching 5000 posts Mad! Thats a great achievement.
  • Wow, I'm amazed, after all this time, I still got mentioned twice in this extremely long set of posts. :D Thanks for remembering guys. I've just been really busy, what with school, then work, then I been taking college classes after work, and then home work after that, so, I havn't had time to play my PS2 let alone get on my comp to post in here, sorry bout that. Well, just too let you all know, I am back, and I'll be in here whenever I can find the time. It's good too see all the old members, and great too see so many new faces. It almost made me cry when I finally got back on today, it was like walking back to a home after a long time away. :)

    Well, see you all later,
    The Long Lost

    Oh, by the way, I'll still be absent for long periods of time most likely, so, if you want to talk to me about something, drop me a message, and I'll message you back as soon as I find the time to get on.
  • Anybody know what has happened to meowzer.
  • I know for a while he was having trouble logging into the forums but he had finally got back in. I'm not sure but he may be having problems again......or it could be something else. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Where is everybody???? Maybe its just me but has everyone stopped posting lately??? Where is Lu for exsample?? Still offline after his move? His the most obvious missing person, but so to are:
    Fluff (Danial M staff), school work? or just not online?
    Newish, same as Fluff? i know your both same age,
    Massaki, used to have fun in the FF quiz's, but not seen any sign of him in a while.
    Mobes aint been around for ages, Gene you know anything?
    Yoshimitsu Another who just vanished,
    Smooth criminal Again no trace or reason,
    Crashkart see smooth criminal or yoshimitsu.

    And there are loads i have probaly not mentioned. When i log on in the morning, or even after school, if i dont have time in the morning, there are about 15 or so people posting, and thats it, Rex, WB, Speedie, Mad, DL, Fat Jiffy, BJ, Red, Killa, DC, Gid, Knowze Gungk, Gab Knight, and maybe Worf are the only ones i see frequently post. :(
  • Glad to see that someone misses me...lol... But I haven't got much time yet and I'm full of School homework.... Besides My PC is having Problems.... again... so I'm looking forward to have my PC fixed and To Hang outhere again on API....
  • I still check the forums everyday but schoolwork at the moment is keeping me from posting frequently. With my mocks coming up next week, 11 exams in 7 days :(
    If you miss me that much though Thev1tch then i'll try and post a bit more ;) I'm touched (surprised) that you've missed me though :D
  • I was wondering this myself. Even as a new person here I am noticeing a steady decline in jokes :( . JOKERS PLEASE COME BACK!
  • A steady decline? Whaddya been here......a week? Lemme up. :P
  • I too am wondering just what the heck did happen to Lucy. He hasn't been around for a while. I know Steve F said that people are busy with school/work, but I haven't seen him post for ages!

    I am looking around for Setsuna-the-dark-soul. I remember her from a while back, but she seems to have vanished. :(
  • I haven't seen rollerangel288 for awhile. I see her online on AIM but never visiting here.
  • YAY!!!...im missed!! :lol: sorry i havent been around in awhile. my teachers this year decided i needed more homework. i get loaded down with so much that bewteen my homework and swimming i dont have much time to myself. ill try and post more often since the end of semester is coming and hopefully my teachers will give me a break!
  • Hey Rollerz....Nice to see you visiting us. I remember back when i was in school, it was always alot of work alot of the time.....granted life hasn't changed all that much for me(with being alot of work that is). Hope that you're able to visit us more often in the last semester. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming(In reality this means enjoy your homework though i didn't like the sound of that....).
  • Hey hey Rollerz. I missed the way you used to have a go at me in the chat... :P

    I haven't seen PunkBuddy or Evil Resident online in a little while. Anyone know what happened to them?
  • Yeah, ER has been having problems with logging in and PB is very busy with classes. Ah, glad i don't run into any problems....Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • nobody misses me sniff sniff :unsure: :(
  • We all miss you but we know how it is for you so we understand why you can't be in the forums as much. (*hugs*)
  • Hiya evry1 again!

    The reason(s) i havent been back to this forum is probably that my life has changed a lot.
    Im building my new website on Rollercoaster tycoon 1 and 2, talking to loads of ppl on MSN, getting through my extended coursework now that i'm in year 9, reading a bit, playing on my Gamecube (I am NOT a traitor!), playing on my PC, sleeping (i'm getting old now....13 is old enough), discovering a new skill/sport in badminton, along with everything else, so I didnt have time for this site.

    I come back from time to time, but i dont really post, because as i've said...life is so busy. :(

    Still, i havent vanished yet, but perhaps with no reason...

    life goes on

  • Crashkart

    Whether you can log on to APi as much as you used to or not is never an issue
  • Where's gr8white disappeared to???

    Haven't seen him round the forums or he hasn't made a post in ages???
  • He's been rather busy with his work, 12 hours a day it would seem. Daggers Lover talked with him about a week ago and he said howdy to al and he wishes that he could get online more but too much work right now. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I wasn't missed >> :( That doesn't make me happy...
  • Oh, of course we missed ya but you weren't around all that long before you left again and many members have been in and out of the forums so many of the people who actually would wonder where you've been just haven't been around long enough to have known you. Glad to have you back though. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, I've been missing for a long time now now and i think people dont ever bother to say: "I wonder where is Massaki?" or more or less the same thing.. I'm just here..again.. to say that i havent vanished and is not coming back... so you guys behave all ill see if i appear more frequesntly..
  • Hi! Well, no one's missed me! Can't say I blame them either (sob)! No I'm fine. But, I'm going through some financial hardships, so I am gonna have to bow out of the forum for a while, because I can't afford to run my computer! I just wanna say bye to all my friends and I'll speak to ya as soon as humanly possible! Bye! xxxxxxxx :wub:
  • Howdy Blackwinged_angel!!
    Man how can ya say that..... sure we miss ya :) How are you doing these days?? Hope your doing better ;)
    Sorry to here about your PC being shut down for now..... It must be a drag not being online when you want to.
    I am pretty busy these days my self and don't have much time for the PC.
    Hope to see you around....

  • Hello Everyone!!!! Remember me? huh?!?
    hehehe :D well i'm back!!!!!
    Anyway, we just got our vacation last saturday!!!
    I finally got to relax now yipeee... School is very difficult
    and hard because they make you busy all the time.
    Thats why i rarely visit this site for a time. But i post some
    in the welcome thread... but not much!.
    I also upgraded my computer with some new stuffs.
    Well thanks alot! just want to say hello to all the
    members of APi!!!!!!!

  • Zidane!!!!! Excellent to see ya man!!!!!!! :D Gosh, I sure hope your vacation lasts a good long time, and that your upgrades don't, so we can see ya in here more now!!
    Shame on you for staying away from your family so long! :( Heh heh heh heh!! Now, get in here and stay here, for the entirety of your vacation!! :D
  • Looking for me?!! :lol:

    I'm back w/ a vengence!!!!

    I'ts been 1 year.. but I'm back now for sure!!!!!!!

    See you in the forums!!!!! :D
  • Seems like everyone's coming back to the forums now....Excellent! Glad to have everyone rejoining the asylum, you knew it was only a matter of time before you got reinstated. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey Zidane, its been a long time since I've seen you but, its also been a long time since people saw me also :blink: . Anyways its good to have you back.

    I haven't seen DC in a while, but I know where he is. He is in the process of moving to North Carolina.
  • Having looked through the members' list (yes, I am that sad/bored ;) ), there are many names that I fondly remember but have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another (Nova, ShutUpImPlaying and Hippie to name but a few of many). However, there are three that I do wonder about.

    Sam W (Chunli) - is Sam still part of the forum, but behind the scenes, or has she just slipped into the history of AP?

    Technoape (Takenograpes) - this is probably directed to Majik and Tiff (the other two remaining Horsemen of the Gaming Apocalypse :ph34r: ). Did you ever get in contact with him? Last I heard, he was in hospital following a car crash.

    Punkbuddy - a few months back, madhtr said he was busy with classes. Is that still the case? Or is he behind the scenes? I've just read an old topic in the Hall of Fame and I miss his well informed and entertaining posts. If anyone sees him, say "Hi" from me.
  • 1. I chat with Sam in MSN IM every now and then and last i heard she was still doing good as was Jay. She doesn't really get into the forums much but as far as i know she no longer does anything behind the scenes.

    2. Technoape was talked about on and off and actually may have still been around when i first joined but he has no longer been in the forums. We're not sure what happened or where he is now but it looks like the sun was setting and he took the heroes way out(meaning walking away).

    3. I recently emailed PB, but alas no answer as of yet so still waiting on that front. The last i talked to him though he was still quite busy with school and lots of other activites that kept him offline more than he'd like to be(meaning most of the time).

    There are alot of members who aren't around anymore but i pretty much know why each of them are no longer visiting as much as they'd want, if at all. It's too bad we have lost so many of our good members but we have gained many new good members so it pretty much evens out. Oh, and HOQ, supposedly a while back, i took one of the positions as one of the 4 horsemen. Though that was some time ago and don't recall the details of the situation. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well after a few days I noticed some missing members

    Speedie Beenie
    Daggers lover
    Krash Kart

    I miss them all!!!
  • pjb- if you've posting the last few days, you'll have seen loads of Speedie without realising :D She's now Susan B STAFF and Tiff is now Chris N STAFF. I've only just started coming back regularly myself, so I'll leave it to the rest of the family to fill you in on the others...
  • pjb, it's like HOQ mentioned....many of the mods here had their s/ns in the forum changed. Also, Gideon is now Steve.... well, he's been Steve but you know what i mean.

    DL is always around but he just doesn't post a whole lot....He just greeted someone in this Welcome area last night.

    CrashKart came back and visited a few weeks back and i'm sure he'll visit us again when he has the chance to do so.

    Mobes, well, he's online alot but he just doesn't post anymore. He's still around though. I'm sure Pat(Gene) could tell you more on him than i could.

    Squall, haven't heard from him in a while but he had stopped by a while back.

    Way2, i don't know what happened to him. He was gone, then he came back and now he's been gone for a while again so no telling. I'm sure we'll eventually see the reincarnation of Ali G again..... heh, heh.

    So much is going on these days that i'm sure that many of these members are too busy with work, possibly playing, and above all else, living. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • What ever happened to Blaqasphalt?
    I sort of havn't deen him around in quite a while now.
  • I fell so unloved... :(
  • Manne, I don't know the exact reason for Blaq's absence but you may want to ask Chris about him, since he is a friend of Chris'.

    A.J., It's not that you weren't missed but rather you just haven't really been gone for long. You've posted more often than most people that get named in here. Plus, with so many members returning and many others leaving, it's hard to keep track of who's gone and who's still here.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.
  • Can any one remeber these members I don't see them anymore

    SQUANTO- it was so long time ago
    Lola Nicolina
    Gene Starwind
  • I remember Gene saying he was very busy with school work a little while ago (I think it was Gene anyway. This place has too many members! :P). As for Lola, she has her job and everything to do now, so she probably doesn't get a lot of time.

    Squanto I don't think I've ever seen. :blink:


    EDIT: I'm still on the hunt for Rollerz, haven't spoken to her for ages. :(
  • Why danny...im right here!! wow...im missed! i feel so special. ive been trying hard in school...my loving GPA is a 3.85...weighted it is 4.71 and i only got 1 B...the rest A's! :D (i was really hoping for straight A's but i cant stand my bio teacher!!) ill be around more...specially since its AV time!!! :D ;)
  • Originally posted by rollerangel288@Apr 16 2003, 08:47 AM
    [b]and i only got 1 B...the rest A's! :D (i was really hoping for straight A's but i cant stand my bio teacher!!) [/b]

    I can relate to you there rollerz. My last semester grades were exactly that....except it wasn't a Bio teacher it was Geometry teacher.

    Even so...welcome back! :)
  • I hate all of my teachers!! :angry: so I have to switch school :lol:

    Just wondering, I know that madhtr already said that PunkBuddy is so busy at school. Well I thinks its been 3-5months now? is he deleted? and also EvilResident?
  • Maybe not Squall......
    Well i'm not deleted and youre not deleted.... :)
    We have been absent here for a long time because of
    school. We have to concentrate to pass our subjects, and what
    did you do this sem? Powerstone? Arcades and stuffs.....
    Dont hate your teachers coz i hate them too!!!!!!
    hahahaha Well good luck to your second school in college.
    Hope you'll get together with the graduating students of IHMS
    batch 2003 hehehehehe
  • Im not sure if i've mentioned him before, but Way2Shady disappeared at te same time as PJB (but pjb came back), and Way2Shady's account seems to have dissappeared. Anyone know what happened to him?

  • Well I haven't seen you also for a while where have you been? you can see in my previous post that I was finding info about you...

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