• I live in canada, so the game has not yet been released yet here.

    Does anyone in Europe know if this is a game worth getting or should i get the EA sports F1 2001?

    Thanks for the help guys

    does anyone know where i can download some video's of the game formula one 2001?

    please PM me with the links.


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  • [b]I havent seen EA's F1 2001 yet but Sony's F1 2001 was a big improvement on EA's F1 2000.

    check this review of the game out

    [b] http://www.absolute-playstation.com/formula....iew.htm

    [b]I think its a good game but not great - it has too many problems and unless you really love F1 i would rent it first.

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  • I do really love formula 1.

    I wonder if sony will take some of the complaints that were lodged against the european version and correct the problems for the North Americian Release.

    I say this because they are taking there sweet time releasing the game

    (released oct 2 in north america)
  • I think F1 2001 is a very beautiful game and it is better than other F1 games around....
  • I've had the game for a good 2-3 months now and truly believe it is the best F1 game you will find. It just has so much going for it;
    - great visuals
    - great sound
    - excellent physics
    - great crashes
    - and so many different options.
    There are some F1 games that are strictly for the enthusist and some that offer a more arcade type experience. This game delievers both with impecible style and finesse. A must by for any F1 enthusist who is not living on top of mt.everest and a very good game to pick up for anyone lookig for a new challenge too complete after gt3.

    well have fun posting
  • hey, a little off the topic, has anyone else noticed that these new board setups are not very good. It seem that it does not always work when i am trying to reply to threads.

    Oh well,

    hopefully they can fix these bugs that are in this new system

    oh and in case you didn't see it in my first post, please PM me with links to any sites that have movies of the game, as i would be interested to see these.

    one more thing- i would also like the link to the studio liverpool site, i cant find it anywhere, and it may have some good stuff on it.

    thanks guys

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  • I played the demo and i thought it was pretty good, and i don't even like F1 racing that much.
    I have to agree about the great crashes.
    I was driving the wrong way (the demo only let you do like 3 laps and i didn't wanna re-start) when i had a head-on collision with another car. I did a 1080 on my spoiler (the car was spinning vertically) then slammed into a wall where i got stuck and had to restart (the bottom of my car was up against the wall so i couldn't move). It was the coolest :cool:

    But still, it's always a good idea to hire games before you buy them, especially if you're unsure about them.
  • yeah! only 2 more days until the north american release of formula one 2001

    I am really looking forward to this game as i am a huge formula one fan!
  • Well we have something incoomn I am a big F1 faan myself...
  • EA Sports F1 2001 is a great game. I thought thats what you ment.