F1 Races/Settings
  • Anyone know any good settings for the F1's.
  • [b]I have won several of the F1 races - but only when i have done them individually - If you try the championship your oil light hits after 300km or halfway thru the second race and you end up fighting for 4th place and then in the 3 race you may as well retire as you are lucky to get 6th ;)

    i think this is very unfair - the oil light is a nice touch but the other cars should suffer the same problems and the dont - for example in Rome (after the oil light lit and while running minimum d/f) the other cars could out accelerate me WHILE i was slipstreaming them - unbelievable!! :(

    my usual settings are brakes 23 and 24
    ride hight 1 mm short of min on front and 3 on rear
    camber 3.0 and 2.0
    toe -0.5 on front 0.0 on rear
    d/f about 0.90 - 0.95 on rear and equalise the front with that.
    gearing alters from course to course
    dampers front 3 and 7 on rear
    harden the springs a little

    i used these settings on 94 Senna car and lapped everything on the Midfield raceway - was clocking 54 sec laps :)

    then i got my ass kicked in Rome :(
  • Yep! The F1's will be tough.
    Does anyone know what the best F1 car is?

    I don't have all the F1's yet, but I know I don't have the best one.
    I'm just working on completing all the other events first.
    I have everything else in the game completed except 3 special races in pro-mode. (Vitz, Elise and TVR series.)

    I'm at 92.1% complete.

  • The only thing i changed on my f1 car was the brakes since i figured i could brake later and pass on the outside.

    I think the best F1 car is the F686/M

  • Guys I think Camber on the rear is a waste of time!!!!
    I always feel that I get less wheel spin & better accelersation when I leave the rear between 0.4 & 1.0!
    Maybe it's just my style!!!!
    I usually use a lot of downforce on the front & very little at the back.
    Once I get the front around I'm sorted, nothing wrong with a little tail out!!! ;)
  • You like to accelerate to pass people but yet you like to tail out. Hmmmmm, not to smart sence your losing the acceleration. More rear downforce increses your acceleration.

    Im so happy, I actually beat the first 3 races in the series with the F904/S

    Good luck too you guys. Cause im not making it anytime sooooooooon.
  • Yes, it'll take some pro-tweaking for each race.
    So far I have only won the Test course and the Speed track. By tweaking the dwn-frc and the toe especially. All settings are critical in gaining the edge.
    I will save those settings and change them in the series, if I every get that far in the series.
  • ok, here are the settings i used to win the f1 championship

    car: F094/H (can be won in the tokyo route 246 endurance race) Warning : this is a long endurance race, but well worth it! You may want to try these settings on some other formula cars. I have another f1 car but have not tried these settings on it.

    for road and street circuts (not ovals)
  • Thanks Mavm.
    Good job. Your the man! No one else has beat it yet.
    I'll give your settings a shot sometime.
    I have three F094/H's. They can be won in a few places.
    I also have two F090/S's, a F686/M and a F687/S
    I'm trying to get one of those F1's you see in the lead all the time in the previews.