• Does anyone know all the rating names for your main score and the media attention ratings?

    For example, ratings like ex-con, hitman etc

    The media level has ratings like unknown and local tv news etc.
  • Still no news here then eh? :lol:
  • Hey there wiseguy: If one of the mods wisen's up to your double post, you could end up in the cooler :o and lose some posts or posting priveleges . They're pretty concerned about SPAM here, so just edit your original post next time if you have something further to add, ok?

    Anyways, the highest media attention score I could get was 1818, and this was classified as "Stuff of legends". My crime rating is 2095, which ironically, rates me as a "wiseguy".

    I don't know the entire ranking system, but here is a start, perhaps others can add their media attention rankings to complete the list.

    200 Vice Courier front Page
    301 Local TV news
    412 UFA Today page 12
    511 UFA Today page 4
    613 picture in the UFA Today
    708 National TV 4cm
    825 National TV News
    941 National TV Live Coverage
    1038 International News
    1317 National Crisis
    1414 International Crisis
    1740 World Event
    1818 Stuff of Legends