• :angry: I can't bet Hillary in the race, what is the trick to beat him?
  • As long as you miss the traffic and hope for a little bit of trouble for Hillary and you should win. There's not really any trick here other than keeping your foot on the gas and being quick at the wheel to dodge all the traffic and cops. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yeah, the Hillary mission is tough. I used the "slow gameplay" cheatcode. Press Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1 as soon as the 3,2,1 countdown clock begins. This will slow everything down so that you have much more time to react to traffic etc. As a matter of fact, when you get in front of Hil he will try to ram you and stuff. This is good - guide him into a pole or a car or something. Once you have a lead on him there is no way he can catch up as long as you don't crash (and if you crash with the cheat code on you totally suck and shouldn't be playing). By the way, the game will automatically speed back up to normal as soon as the race is over. This to me was the hardest mission because you just can't catch up with him. Unless you are REAL good (which I aint) the only way you are gonna beat him is with the code.

    Good luck,
    - Legion -
  • This is one of the, if not THE hardest mission in the whole game. The last 2 missions are a doddle compared to this. I had a lot of trouble beating him. The way i beat him was to just stay behind him until you reach the road near Ken Rosenbergs office where 2 police cars try to cut you off. then you need to cut the corner tight, across the pedestrian path, with a little luck you will make it thru unscathed but Hilary ploughs straight into the police. Now all you need to do is keep your foot down but beware of the final bridge, if you jump at a funny angle you will lose control of the car. if you make it over the last bridge its just a matter of turning hard right and flooring it to the finish line.
    VERY HARD but not impossible as i thought it was after 20 or so attempts :lol:
  • My technique is a little more difficult, because it's success does not depend on technique, it depends on luck! Like everyone else, I tried just about everything, and ran into a lot of problems trying dust him.

    Every time Hillary passed my car, it took some time....but I would eventually catch up to him. As your cars are finally side to side, you have a few options worth considering:

    A: Pass him uneventfully
    B: Blast him with your Uzi
    C: Ram into him

    Well, I could not outrace him fair and square...so I abandoned option A after several tries, knowing that he would eventually catch up to me and beat me. After gaining a short lead, I even tried getting out of my car to blast him with my rocket launcher, but the dude is too fast!

    Blasting him with the Uzi while driving did not seem to slow him down any either. So, I would ram into him instead. Try ramming into him from the side, forcing him to spin out of control. 90% of the time, he will spin around 360, and giving you a short lead. 10% of the time he will spin sideways, and drive into:

    A: Off course into an alley or another street, giving you a sizeable lead
    B: Off course and straight into a wall.

    This only happened to me twice, but when he drove straight into the wall I also lost control, and we hit the wall at the same time, forcing both of us to to come to a complete stop with our cars side by side. Funny thing is, with his vast driving skill he does not seem inclined to shift in reverse in this situation. Instead, he steers his car towards yours to push you out of the way, and does not stop! Well, I took this opportunity to get of my car, and then ran around the back of both vehicles and started emptying some uzi shells into the side of his sabre turbo- and this time managed to take out one of his tires before he pushed my vehicle out of the way and continued to race- and he had a slight lead, but by the first turn it was all over. I never looked back, and just like in Gid's post before me, I came to a complete stop a couple of times but Hillary never caught up.

    I tried increasing my wanted level before the race too, but whenever the cops would ram me, I'd lose too much distance. You need to try several different approaches I guess, eventually one of them will work.
  • The trick is to take it cool
    Since hillarys car has much faster acceleration then yours you'll be left behind in the start, very clever indeed of the gamemakers to calculate exacly how far ahead he had to get for us gamers to start geting hysterical.
    But as long as you know that your car is the one with the highest top speed there shouldn't be any problems.
    Learn the racetrack so that you don't get surpriced by a shrp turn,
    don't brake just ease off the throttle in curves
    and take it cool.
    That should do the trick, I made it in 4 tries. :)
  • The way i did this was to just drive normally, very fast but also very careful. If your near Hillary, try to ram him into traffic, but otherwise leave him. I found this mission quite easy, took me two tries and then i did it. Just learn the track. On the corners use your handbrake for a quick turn and then accelerate, I found that this is the quickest way to turn and whenever i drive, even if not in a race, i do this. Once you are fairly well in front of Hillary, he cant seem to catch you, well, couldnt catch me anyway. Hope i helped.