If You Were A Game Character, Who Would You Be?
  • Have you ever played a game and thought about how that character relates to yourself? Well, i thought i would bring that to the forums with my question. What game character would you be if you were one? By this i mean, in personality and character, not who you wish you could be. I would probably be Tidus....and if you know him then you probably know me. So who's your character? Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.
  • I am a Yuffie. I have talked to many people and they all say I'm a Yuffie and I believe them. I can't get along with my father very well except on one concept. I am very stubborn when I need to be and very loud when I don't need to be. I am also very childish and can be a pain in the neck. There's not much more I could say about Yuffie that I don't apply to.
  • Ryu is my favorite character, but he is also the one I feel I can relate to in body and in sole.
  • Ryogo from Front Mission 3. He is always joking around even in serious situations. Even though he jokes around he still does what he needs to expertly. Thats just like me.
  • This was quite difficult. Obviously I can
  • I AM SELPHIE!!!!!! Bubbly, goofy and always cheerful, very silly. But, when the chips are down, I am right on top of things and come through with flying colours!! :D Oh yeah, forgot the graceful part too!
  • I am a man of few words, i kid sometimes but im more serious. I would be Jet from Wild Arms 3. If you have the game then you know who im talking about. If not, then you can relate him to Vincent from Final Fantasy 7. Jet is sentimental sometimes but more serious - just like me ;)
  • i would be auron from ffX because im so calm and cool lol :lol:
  • From the games I have played I would have to choose Thorn (of the dynamic duo of Thorn & Zorn) from FFIX.
    Peolpe seldom understand what I'm talking about since I tend to bend the sentances and meanings around them self. But somewere inside there lies a grain of brilliance.
    I also often get told to stop talking jibberish and get down to buisness :D
  • Originally posted by GeneStarwind@Jan 12 2003, 09:14 AM
    I am a man of few words, i kid sometimes but im more serious. I would be [b]Jet from Wild Arms 3.[/b]

    Jet? So you have cool hair?
  • More for his style and choice of headwear than for his compassionate disposition, I'd go with Minion from TM: Black, but the sound system in that truck would have to be upgraded.

    I'd teach that clown to turn his smile upside down, then rip it right off his face. :D
  • Probably a combination of Otocon from MGS and Ollie from THPS. I enjoy the intellectual things in life, aswell as the let your hair down and not give a rip times. As far as physical exertion at the risk of ones health, I outgrew that a while ago. :)
  • [quote]Originally posted by RedKennypup2004+Jan 12 2003, 08:20 PM-->QUOTE(RedKennypup2004 @ Jan 12 2003, 08:20 PM)[quote]<!--QuoteBegin-GeneStarwind</i>@Jan 12 2003, 09:14 AM
    [b]I am a man of few words, i kid sometimes but im more serious.
  • I pondered this one for awhile, and I can't actually think of just one character. I'm diffinitely a combo-type, I can shoot and have a little gymnastic background, so I could give a reasonable attempt at being Lara Croft and Jill from RE? Plus I have a great love of history.....& tend to be a bit nosey! Although I'd probably feint if one of those huge spider's jumped out at me! Well i did say 'reasonable'.
    Ask the kid's though, and they would say I was more like a combo of Harry Potter and Spyro.....able to 'magically appear whenever they were plotting something naughty and then flame their a##' & nick off with all their spoils! :P
  • Sincerely I don't know... If I wanted to be honest guy I would Lang from Legaia 2: Duel Saga... I fI wanted to be a person with seek revenge I would be Jubei from Onimusha 2... I really compare myself with Lang... Since in the game I can chosse him to be honest, lazy, cool... So I chosse to be honest...lol...
  • i am definately harry potter.
    not so much in the "parents died, raised by evil reletives way," but i look just like him, and i always seem to be able to get into trouble when i'm just trying to help. i'm a wicked quittich player, too.
  • Hands down, I'm Squall from Final Fantasy 8.
  • Originally posted by T Dog@Jan 14 2003, 03:10 PM
    Hands down, I'm Squall from Final Fantasy 8.

    Heeey, I was gonna say that too! He is a guy that I can tottaly relate too, misunderstood!
  • Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I am good at sneaking when having snowball wars and water gun fights plus lots more, I am real good at spying though I don't spy that much. B)
  • I would have to be 1 Tommy from vice city or 2 tanner from driver 1&2
  • I would be Kahuna from SOCOM US NAVY SEALs or Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice city
  • This is a tough question. Sorry I am not so good at remembering that name but I would be that main char from FF 3 (I am bad with names :( ). He was something he wasnt and aspired to better by becoming a paladin.

  • I would say i would be Rose from Legend of the Dragoon, because like i've only been at the school i'm at now for a couple of years now and nobody really's knows me or things i had to put up with where i used to live.

    :blink: MaRgO :rolleyes:
  • Definitely Squall from FF8. Although it is hard to find a character that you are like, personality wise anyway.
  • Well I'm mean with guns and swords so I could be Dante except I'd be cowering in the corner at the first sign of spookiness! I too love history and used to be sh!t hot at gymnastics so I could be Lara....but Angelina Jolie stole my thighs and cellulite looks sooo wrong in shorts!
    If the TV show 'My Family' were a game I would be Susan but since it's not I suppose that doesn't count!
    Professor McGonagal from the Harry Potter games comes pretty close, with a heavy dose of Fred & George Weasley thrown in for good measure!

    But there is one character that is sooo like me.....he drinks, he farts, he chants...he is....

    Yep, that's me, Oddworld's most lovable Mudukken!!
    :D :D :D
  • my friends say i'm too serious. i would want to be either sephiroth (ff7) or auron (ffX). they also say that i would make a really good bad guy in a game! (lol) :lol:

    ahem...sorry... :ph34r:
  • Havelock Vetinari.
  • I am either Red Xlll from ff9 or Vivi from ff9.I am very shy talking to people on the streets or in stores.I am also lonely sometimes.
  • Originally posted by Red MageX@Feb 26 2003, 04:23 PM
    I am either Red Xlll from ff9

    I apologize if I sound snotty, but..

    Wouldn't RedXIII be from FF7?

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