What Was The Longest Book You Ever Read?
  • The longest book I ever read was Foley is Good that
    was around 500 pages, what was yours? :D
  • lord of the rings.
    the entire series in one cover.
    just about 1200 pages, small print.

    Then there was the complete works of shakespear, i forget the page count on that, but it was higher than LoTR.

    But the bible also comes in the list of the three longest books ive read.
    Not a king james version, but some other version, before all the good bits got cut out.
    I think that was by far the longest book i ever read.

  • Cant remember.

    Most likely around 1300 pages in one book and 2300 in a collection.
  • I've just finished a big collectors edition r.a. salvatore hardcover, and it was just over 1000 pages, though each of the four books in soft cover would be around 340 pages each.

    I know that its not considered one book but it did seem like it was.

  • "Crime and punishment" by Dostoevsky I think.
    But "Calculus" by Adams was pretty long too ;)
  • Redwall. I believe it's the only book I kept trying to read. I generally don't like reading.
  • For me its Stephen King's Eye of the Dragon. I think it was about 400-450 pages.
  • L.O.R. 34 times now covers to covers. One of my dreams is to get my grubby little paws on a leatherbound edition which is the whole trilogy augmented by Tolkiens artwork. For those not in the know, Tolkien actually did sketch and paint many pictures of Middle Earth from his minds eye. I did manage Rise and Fall of the Third Reich in 8th grade. Interesting but not entertaining. :)
  • Read a historical 'novel' once about Texas, it was somewhere near 2,000 pages. FASCINATING!!! :D
  • Windows XP PRO for Dummies :blink: All of 10 pages worth was read and the rest of it made no sence. :D

    I would think that the revised edition of 'The Stand' - Stephen King & the complete works of 'Books of Blood' - Clive Barker around 1200 pages in each has been the most.

    Then there's the course work book for my training for knowing EVERY single bit of code & program root for Win XP Pro, Office XP Corporate & Electronics Mechanics. I've been told when I get the book there's over 8000 pages to read & learn and must know every single page by the end of the course. Think I'll be needing PB's extra special brew come Easter time. I'd rather be reading to enjoy not reading to be employed :P
  • Snoogans! indeed.

    I've read LOTR countless times as well. However, I think the longest (in term of pages) single volume I've read is the revised edition of The Stand. The longest book ever though is The Sound and the Fury, by that insufferable bustard.....what's his name?......oh yeah, Faulkner. I don't know how many pages that book is, I don't think it can be more than 350 or so, but in three tries I can't get through the first part. I've never read anything more annoying, maddening, infuriating, enraging, and frustrating. I can make no sense of Quentin, or his babbling, and to me, The Sound and the Fury is the longest book ever, because I don't think I'll ever be able to read it all.
  • Longest books I've read...

    University level Astrophysics (!)
    The Bible (Not voluntarily!)
    Ian M Banks 'Culture' series
    The Irish Times Complete History Of The World :(
    The Lone wolf Omnibus

    F*ck this, I'm givin up books.
  • The longest book I've read so far would have to be the Bible. The longest novel would have to be The Stand by Stephen King.
  • LOTR all the way. One cover too. Jst a pity it's my dad's. Oh well maybe I'll get it if he Ahem passes on. Although thats not all that likely for some time since he'll only be 40 in July. But I think that's the longest book I've read. Good grief there's been so many (I've read two libraries back to front and side to side).
  • Well, mine just changed to The Lord of The Rings. I read the Fellowship of The Ring and the Two Towers, I will be starting the Return of the King very soon!
  • I'm thinkin the longest book i ever read was the fourth harry potter...700 some pages...and it only seemed like 300! lol it goes by fast when its a book u just cant put down! supposedly theyre supposed to get longer and longer...does that mean the 7th will be over a 1000!? wow...im gonna have a lot of reading to do when she publishes the 7th!
  • I can't recall it's name off the top of my head but i do remember the length of it. It was 826 pages long but no book that you want to read ever feels as long as it really is. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I dont know if it counts as a single book since it is a compilation of 6, but Douglas Adams the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy was definately the thickest book I've actually finished..........the Longest read was most definately Crime and Punishment took me nearly a year to finish that long winded b@stard of a book, great read though..The Brothers Karazamov(sp?)whatever is thicker page wise, but it seems to be reading a little easier I'm about 1/4 of the way through it, it'll probably take a year or so as well, since I lose interest and pick up other smaller books that I can get through in a day or 2, and postpone my reading on the monster.

    EDIT: throw Steven Kings IT in there too, don't even count that as a long one since I finished it so quickly but it was over 1000 pgs.
  • The longest book I ever read is "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" which was about #748 pgs. long! Now I'm reading a 438 pg. book! :D B) [I]
  • I read harry potter and the goblet of fire in a 650 page edition.

    The Order of the Pheonix will be over 250000 words long; a third longer than the last one, with around 800 pages.

    The most confusing book that i have had ever read was A clockwork Orange - AAAAAAAAhhh!!!!!

  • hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    lord of the rings
    some environment book for uni

    and the littlewoods catalogue :D
  • I generally don't read books, so the longest book I ever read is probably also Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. I have a lot of Stephen King, but I have never read one of his books from cover to cover. I will at some point, but not right now..... ;)

  • The Hitchhikers Guide trilogy in Five parts is the longest one I've ever read, only about 800 pages, but
    there aren't many books that I can read. If the writing style isn't to my taste (e.g. Adams, Pratchet, Holt)
    I can't get through a page without my mind wondering, I'll be reading the words but they won't
    register, so I'll get to the end of the page & have no idea what I just read, then I'll go back & read the page again and if it happens again, I'll put the book down & maybe try to read it another day.
  • LOTR's, like just about everyone else here!
    Sarum, London and Russka by Edward Rutherfurd. All of which range in 1000+ bracket.
    And my fair share of History text books, way back when I was in at school.
  • Hmmm... Longest book... Probably the book I am reading. :lol:

    X-Men 2 is what I am reading right now.
  • The longest Harry Potter one..... the 4th book. I think it's like 730 pages long but that was a while ago.
  • "Infinite Jest" by David Foster Wallace. It is 1,079 pages long, and the last 30 (maybe more) pages were footnotes. I had two bookmatks going the whole time. It was frustrating, but worth the extra effort!
  • The longest books I ever read was the Iliad and the odyssey of Homer in a row! Each book has well over a thousand pages! But then again, I've always liked Greek epic poetry!!!!!!!!!!! WB! xxx
  • the longest book that i have read is probably "the stand" by stephen king - the complete edition - the pages were like tracing paper and it must have been up on 1400 pages long

    strange story too
  • Indeed, The Stand is the longest thing I've ever read.

    Then again, I don't consider it all that odd. ;)

    It was an EXCELLENT book, I reccomend it to all.
  • My favourite author is Max Haines, his books range from 240 up into the 600 or 700's. For those of you who have not heard of MH, he writes short true crime stories.

    But.... When I was in high school I hated reading novels (I think because we had to) and it took me a semester(about 5 months) to read The Dead Zone by Stephen King. I only read the book for half an hour, once a week.

    Since then I have enjoyed reading and sometimes have more then one book on the go.
  • Couldn't tell you the longest book exactly, but The World According To Garp by John Irving has to be up there as one of the longest. Have read it so many times - one of my favourites. The other has to be Stephen King's The Stand (Uncut Version). That was a massive book and scared the s**t out of me.
  • I Loved Uther, 900 pages of brilliance, But the Longest book ever..... was the Lord of The RIngs Trilogy in one book, 1300 pages.
  • Lord of the rings trioligy
  • The longest book I have read is 'The Red Dragon', by Thomas Harris. It has 454 pages. :unsure:
  • The lord of the Rings trilogy was quite a mouthful when I first read it. The Wheel of Time series is quite mammoth also. But for being really long, just about anything written by Tolstoy. That guy could use three pages just to have a character break wind. Just thinking about it makes me yawn.
  • The Stand. Around 1590 pages. Great book.

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