Whats Your Fav. Gaming Magazines
  • Alright, now I know, I know, this is a playstation website, but still.
    Some good magazines aren't specifically for playstation. but everyone has a pc and pc gamer is just awesome
    Anyways, go and pick your favorite mag. I'm definitely am a game pro guy. :lol:
  • I voted other. My favourite magazine is Hyper, which is probably only available in Australia. It covers all the new consoles and PC so it's great for me to keep up with news on all platforms.
  • Game Pro rocks the party. I like all mags but i subscribe to Gamepro. Its not biased. Yet all ym friends think it is :blink:
  • I only get one gaming magazine and that's the official one - i rely on here and elsewhere on the net for the rest of my info.

    I find the reviews fairly accurate (for my tastes anyway) and i also get it because of the demo disc with lots of lovely playable demos. I've rushed out and picked up at least a couple of my collection based on being able to actually play a few mins, rather than just watching without any interactivity.

    Also in the past i've found that some gaming mags seem to concentrate more on having a semi-clad women on every other page as opposed to concentrating on the actual games. I don't have a problem with this, but if that's what people want - go out and get a copy of FHM or something :blink:
  • :ph34r: i voted on opm b/c i get the free demos from that mag,although the other were good also :ph34r:
  • I voted other because I live in Canada
    and I get a magazine called Expert Gamer with ps1 codes, ps2 codes, dreamcast, n64 etc.
  • I voted for PSM. It reminds me of being at APi... Are some of the staff working for it? It makes me laugh at some of the side jokes and can take a serious and funny look at reviews of good and crappy games.

    The only thing I don't like is that it has no extras like free demos. If anyone does work for PSM, get some demos in!

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink and Game!
  • go psm
  • I put my vote in for the Official US PlayStation Magazine,mainly because of the demo discs that come each month.And,no,none of our staff work for PSM (would be nice though I think) one of our reviewers was in the mag once,giving his opinion on the online gaming back when Sony was still beta testing it. B)

    I'm moving this thread over to the Gaming forum as it seems more appropriate for a thread about game mags.
  • Hey,

    I had to vote other I'm not the type of person who would go out and buy a gaming mag. I normally get my gaming info off the web, FHM, Stuff, or word of mouth
  • The Official Playstation Magazine is my fav
  • I have three mags that I like:

    1. The Official Playstation Magazine

    2. PSM2

    3. PSM

    I can only find PSM2 when I am in Canada..... :(
    Do you know of this magazine Rexx or tonygillis??

  • Sorry I don't know of that mag, but then again I have never looked for it either.

    I don't read any gaming mags, the only magazine that I read is MAXIM and they have a small section devoted to games each month. So I get a little info there and a lot from here.
  • I voted other because my favorite gaming mag that actually gives "me" info is Play. It is actually more than just games but also movies and anime and well that's for me. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I get OPM for the demo disk, and feel it is a decent mag. I hate all the flashy pre teen anime woman cheese that most mags these days try to pull. My favorite mag from the past was Next Gen, I thought for a mag that covered all the platforms and PC it was great. No codes and stuff (the web is for that) just solid industry news and good reviews. I had a subcription for years then it went under and PSM was the replacment. I was mad when my serious gaming mag subscription got replaced by a chessy flashy PSM one instead. Such is life I guess.
  • PSM. I looked through my most recent one and there were codes...EVERYWHERE for Vice City. I enjoy this magezine...even though all I do is look at the pictures.
  • I vote for Gamepro all the way. I have read others but I like gampro the best. It's also the one I'm subscribed to.
  • I voted PSM, yeah yeah, I know, OPM is a good mag too, and so are all the others, but I just really like the atmistphere (stupid me, can't spell at all), that PSM provides. I think all the gaming mags up there are great though.

    Later all,
  • I buy PSE2 every month. I like the coverage and the price. :)
  • Does anybody here remember a mag called Electronic Games? I once owned a couple issues of the very first US gaming publication in existence! I wonder what they would be worth to a collector today? I remember one of the issues featured a spot on a guy who scored a billion points on a videogame called Slither.

    After the 80's great videogame crash, the periodical was discontinued, but some of the original writers/editors regrouped during the NES/8 bit period to produce Videogames and Computer Entertainment. Eventually this mag ceased distribution, but Electronic Gaming Monthly and Game Pro have been going strong ever since.

    I still pick up a copy of EGM from time to time, but get most my gaming info from Madhtr and Api now :)
  • I voted for The Official Playstation Magazine!!! I got 2 of them and thay are Kool. There better than the other magazines
  • my fave magazine is PSM all the way and its all i need to know about games and my PS2 :rolleyes: :P

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