Colour Deficiency Test
  • GOTCHA!!!
  • Boooooooo :P
  • I don't get it! I aced the test but still that doctor yelled at me.
  • Almost blew my speakers out! I had my speakers on really loud for something then i forgot to turn them down and then at the end.. BLAM!

    I thought it was great, got some others to do it and it gave them a start too. :D
  • Well I Pm'ed Rex about it and either I was half asleep and still dazed from my RE marathon or I saw what I saw... Let's say after RE it didn't make me jump, besides, in a way I kinda expected it from some previous threads... On the lighter side I don't have color blindness

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink and Game! Or sit too close to the screen!
  • I gor everone right, but my speakers
    were not on so I did not hear anything.
  • *Rex giggles like a little school girl*

    My wife got me with one a while ago. I jumped up from the computer and danced around like a freakin' idiot. She laughed like a damn near p****d her pants laughing.
  • its not a scam its a joke hehe scared the F*ck out of me
  • Oh Geeeeeez, I hate being suckered into these things, but....... suckered I was!! I was going along swimmingly, thinking "See, me eye Dr. is right, my colour vision is ok....... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" :blink:

    Thanks a pile Rex!!!!! :P (that pile that was in my shorts, to be more specific) :o
  • yup, you clowns got me good too!!! I was taking the test thinking I was doing really good until the last one, I couldn't figure it out then just checked it thinking "crap there is something wrong with my eyes"!! Oh there was something wrong alright, me screaming like a girl.
  • You got me. You got me good. You should be very proud.
  • That was the least i expected, surprised me. Glad i didnt have the speakers up too loud :lol: . That was good though. Now i got a good site to scare my friends with :D .

    On the plus side, i got every plate right.
  • :huh: You're supposed to have the speakers turned up?
    I always have the headphones plugged in but never wear them, I thought I herd a faint noice from them :lol:
    Besides I have some kind of malfunction in the reacting to things poping up department, that's why I don't get scared by things like theese and suck at shoot em up's. :(
  • I didn't have the sound on due to the hour of the night it is right now, but it still is pretty dang scary. I don't like that idea Rex. That scared the crap outta me. Thanks a lot. <_< </font>
  • Hah Hah Hah

    That was a good one scared the cr@p out of me though but it was a good one
  • Ya got me! about feeling like a twit! I even tried squinting at the darn coloured dot's, before excepting (what I thought.) was a failure in my sight! :lol:
  • I remember taking those tests in grammar school...oh and by the way....

    hardy har har ;)
  • Well, now that I'm awake!! That was definatly an eye opener, HAHA!! :blink:
  • I'm going to kill you....


    I hate to say this, but Lucifer's was better... That one scared the sh!t outta me! Not that this one didn't... :blink:
  • Originally posted by meowzer89@Feb 5 2003, 07:38 PM
    I'm going to kill you....

    Save it for the War of Words, little man.

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