Favorite Cartoon
  • Mine would have to be G.I. Joe
  • I have always liked bugs bunny and all the WB gang the best!!!
    (Just to many Cartoons to list )

  • My favorite cartoon has always been Garfield. I love the dry humor and i also like the cat point of veiw, there is some pretty funny Garfield stuff.
  • Hello! Peanuts and Tom and Jerry. Where are those? How about Mighty Max? X-Men? Doug? There's no cartoon on here that I ever watched except maybe Garfield. I didn't like Garfield too much because it had to much of a mix of several stories and as a child I could hardly follow along. I was more into the types of cartoons that weren't just on to be on....if ya know what I mean. Anyway, those are all my favorite cartoons..or just the jist of it. I still watch cartoons, but not as much as I did as a child.
  • I'm sorry, but for those of you who haven't followed the adventures of DM and Penfold then you're lost from the get go! :D
  • Bah!
    Starting a poll on fave cartoons and not even mentioning the likes of Tom and Jerryand Roadrunner.

  • Thnks STEVE for reminding me of "Roadrunner" even though it's While E Coyote that carries that show ;)

    Are Cartoons animated? I don't know I guess they are.

    In that case I really like "2 Stupid dogs". :lol:
  • That list of options lacks scope. I voted other, for too many reasons to go into.
  • Well to reply from my part yes Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner and Bugs Bunny and Tweety show were also my favs I just put down the cartoons that first came to mind. That's why I put other just in case I forgot some of the good ones. By the way thanks for the replies to the pole, and your right worf there are too many to list and pick from
  • i would have to say its Battle of the Planets or Hong Kong Fui (sp?)

    damn those childhood days were cool - women responding to your every need

    wish it could still be that way ;)
  • Oh cmon! i got some old school ish right here...

    1) Woody Woodpecker - who hasnt seen?
    2) Count Duckula
    3) Inspector Gadget
    4) Popeye

    -now THOSE are cartoons. Especially woody woodpecker...hes the man. ;)
  • Like I said before there are too many too list...but yes those too were some of my favs. Especially Inspector Gadget... Go, Go, Gadget Keyboard

  • Originally posted by Kaver@Jan 20 2003, 06:12 PM
    Like I said before there are too many too list...

    Forgive me if I sound snotty, but shouldn't it be a regular topic then?
  • I guess I just wanted to try out the poll option...I only have been on this forum for about a week or so
  • You still remember Popeye? Thats old.
    Me, I am a Transformer fan. :rolleyes:
  • My favorite cartoon would have to be, well, I like a few, yu-gi-oh, sponge bob square pants and Charley Brown.(LOL) :lol: B)
  • Hmm, out of those 'toons, (all of which are most excellent) i'd rate them as follows.l
    1st: Transformers
    2nd: Garfield
    3rd: GI Joe/Action Force
    4th: Thundercats
    5Th: Spiderman (but not the bad 70's toon)
    6th: Hulk (same as spidey though)
  • Not one mention of The Simpsons? Shame on you all. You bad. ;)
  • All my animes!! Cowboy bebop, yuyu hakusho, and of course inuyasha!!!:)
  • I voted for Other. My favorite cartoon is bugs bunny. I like the one were all of the dose are after him and thay dog pile on him (but thay arrent on him) and thay are saying dog pile of the rabbit and then bugs is the one on the top of the dogs saying dog pile on the rabbit.
  • I have removed the poll due to there being so many cartoons out there that the poll didn't do them justice.

    Out of regular cartoons then Spongebob is easily my favorite and really the only one i will watch on a regular basis though i do enjoy a little Simpsons after work. Anime would be my alltime fav though and currently would have to say that Hellsing is my favorite there.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'm another Transformers person. In fact I even have a huge poster of the early Transformers up on my wall although I also like DBZ, Outlaw Star, Yu-Gi-Oh, basically if they bring out a cartoon I'll watch it and to my utter shame my sisters actually got me hooked on that Cardcaptors that was out a few years back. It even got to the point that I was rushing home from school to watch it. Although maybe it was more Sakura, I mean she was kinda cute. But anyway I'll basically give any kind of cartoon a try. Even Pokemon and Digimon (I actually quite liked that one.). Although the best of the best are the ones I mentioned her along with Inspector Gadget (that's actually on as a new series on channel 5 on Saturday mornings at 8:55. Or at least it is on my side of the world.).
  • My favourite cartoon without a doubt would be South Park. I watch it every week on SBS. Although it has gone absolutely insane it has been hilarious.

    I was wondering what happened to the poll. I saw everyone posting i voted ... and then thinking, but theres no poll. I thought id gone completely bonkers.
    My second favourite though would have to be Simpsons, without a doubt.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Feb 14 2003, 02:18 AM
    Not one mention of The Simpsons? Shame on you all. You bad. ;)

    How could I forget the Simpsons, that is my #1 cartoon. I have a question, how com there is never a grown up on Charlie Brown?
  • I would have to say inspector gadget!!!!!

    i used to love that show!!!

  • I am a cartoon freak. I think my tv is permanently set on the Cartoon Network :) But my favorite cartoons would be:

    1) Dungeons and Dragons
    2) Legend of Lodoss War
    3) Ed, Edd, and Eddy
    4) Cowboy Bebop


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