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  • When the PS@ online services get up and running a full capacity, will there be a search engine so that perhaps in a somewhat perfect world I could find a Susan B., Madhatr, Wreckinball or someone I kinda know through this forum to play against? Playing online is great, but I feel a kind of rapport with you guys (guys being gender non-specific).

    Heck if it goes that far we could even have tourneys possibly! :huh: :lol:
  • Yeah, they have it so you can search for friends online and heck you could always come here to find out what games we have and would be playing. I know that right now i don't currently play any online games but i know that with certain games set for release that i will eventually be doing so and would love to play some of you people at some games. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • This may be a little far fecthed buut I was wondering?

    Would it be possible to have this site as a "gathering room" before you would play online for the online tourney?

    Keep in mind I still don't have the network adapter. :blink:
  • To have a clan would be nice. We could have [APi] as our tag before our name. I made up my own clan called [X^3]. If we ever started one it would rock. Kaver has a good point.
  • I have started my own SOCOM clan but if a group of people from here want to play certain times I am in. I havnt been dropping in here much due to the fact I have spent any online time playing online instead of surfing. If a group is going to play PM me when I will check them daily.
  • Hey all i'm thinking about getting a network adapter and if i do what game can i play on it??? ;) :ph34r: :blink:
  • Right now there's Socom, Tribes 2, Tony Hawk 4, Madden 2003, NFL 2K3, NBA Live 2003, NBA 2K3, and some other sports titles. There are many more titles in the works and i may have missed a couple titles but these are the biggest. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • OK thanks mad My "brother in law" has Madden 2003 so maby i will buy a adapter and play it to see what it's like. Also if burnout 1 or 2 comes out or testdrive i hope that you will let me know.
  • As of now, I only have THPS4, I still use jdm1108. Once I figure out what I,m doing, I hope to see you folks out there.
  • Originally posted by mikeyw8187@Feb 4 2003, 05:12 PM
    Also if burnout 1 or 2 comes out or testdrive i hope that you will let me know.

    Midnight Club and Auto Modelistia will be the two online racer's out this spring.
  • Speaking of Outta Modelleesta, anyone know if the PAL version can be played online once the adapter comes out?
  • It should be but neither Sony nor Capcom have officially announced it yet. Basically if there is something in the game that says network play, or something such as that then it's available to be online. That's the best answer i can give right now until official word from Sony and/or Capcom is announced. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Killa - the PAL version isnt online capable - unless they decide to reissue the game again - but basically us poor relations wont be able to whup ass around the world like the rest of them :(
  • Hey..

    I was reading through the posts about a clan and think it would be good. I am new around here but I a getting ready to immerse myself in EQOA. If any of you are planning on playing that one let me know maybe we could hook up?

  • Just got SOCOM today, give me a chance to cut my teeth on it and I'd love to get a "clan" together. When I figure out what the heck I'm doing, odds are I'll be jdm1108. It's easy to stay consistant, I don't forget that way. Let me know you guys. :)
  • This sounds like a really good idea I'm getting a network adapter this week so I guess I'll a couple of you guys online then. :D