Playstation 2 Limited Edition Colours
  • Click the each colour to see a pic. Blue, Silver, Red, Yellow, White.

    I would like to get the silver one but with an exchange of 68 cents on the US dollar it works out to almost $480!!! I want one, good thing I don't need one. ;)

    So which colour is your favourite and are you getting one? Please don't brag if your getting the silver one. :(
  • I'm with you rex-out of all the choices I prefer the look of the silver PS2.Just feels like more of a "high tech" look.
  • Actually, I think black is the best look for the PS2. Any other colour is step down IMO
  • Blue is my favorite one, i guess i just like the color blue, but i also like how it would match my current PS2 if i were to get one :D but i won't :(
  • In my room...silver would go with everything...but having a red and blue wouldn't match much of anything. Mainly right now I would prefer just to get a regular PS2 and not be picky about the colors.
  • If i were going to get one i would go with the white one. Soon though i won't even have my regular PS2 as i'm cleaning house for my move... Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I once entered a competition were these painted PS2:s were the prices, didn't win any though.

    I think the yella one's the purtiest, I don't know why but it's a really "cheer me up" kind of color. I usually don't like the color.

    Not that I wanna put ideas into peoples heads, but couldn't you take the cover off your console and spraypaint it yourself !? :huh:
  • Yeah, you could do that but if you wanted an Orange cat would you settle for a brown one and a can of paint? You would never get rid of the smell and it would be very hard to find the right type of paint to use for it to even look right. I vote.....oh n/m.....already did that. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hello all,

    I had to vote silver it's just an awesome colour. Here's a question: Black and white is considered a shade not a colour. Now because silver is a variation of black and white (much like grey) is silver a colour or a shade?
  • Quite a hard choice but i go with the white one because it will go with my white desk and TV.

    I agree Silver looks high tech but you have to colour coordinate :D
  • Good to see you back round the forums ER

    I had to go with the Silver, it will match the TV, DVD, VCR and surround sound system and will also match all the appliances in the kitchen. :D
  • mite be me but i dont really like anyof them, they look too much like lego bricks, i prefer the black one
  • It is pretty close between blue and silver but, I would rather silver. I think I saw a purple color where I lived just a few days ago? Oh well. B)
  • I would go with WHITE. I just think it looks sweet, because it's like a negative image of the regular PS2. :blink:
  • what no GREEN. Bah that is my color :)

  • I liked blue.
  • Well Ihave to say it's Yellow because it's so wacky and could look good in my bedroom! :wacko:

  • I voted for silver, as that is the one that would go best with the black and silver stuff that's already in the entertainment unit in the living room. Though, I must add, I'd only get the silver one if black weren't an option. Personally, I think black is the best one of all. Most of the stuff in the living room is black already, with the exception of the VCR/DVD player and one part of the stereo equipment.

    Seeing as we've already got one PS2 though, I sure don't see getting another one!! :blink:
  • i would probably choose blue but depending whether it was a nice blue,if it wasn't i would choose silver
  • silver :) silVER :disco: SILVER :woot:
  • Why buy if you can paint it by your self!! just kidding!!

    Well I really like the bloody red one. But I don't need fancy colors all I need is a ps2. but looking at a different color is really amazing.
  • i had to choose silver because i love crome(misspelled i think). :punk:
  • I like silver

    I got an invisiable coloured one!

    Its out of sight!! :think:

    :fight: Spike2060 :fight:

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