• So, there are the two USB ports on my PS2...but I have no earthly idea what they are good for.

  • As for as i know the USB ports are there for a Keyboard and a Mouse. Some PS2 experts around the forum maybe able to tell you more but im pretty sure they are for Keyboard and Mouse :)

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  • There is also going to be a Zip drive that will be used with the PS2 as well. You'll also have USB modems and Hard Drives as well. Well, hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • [b]There is out now a 100mb zip drive made by iomega for datel especially for the PS2 that uses the USB connection port that allows you to save game data from your 8mb memory onto a zip-disc so to free up your memory card...Price
  • The USB ports are also used with the Logitech GT3 force wheel. I can't wait until some of these other goody's come out, such as the modem and the keyboard and mouse, so we can play games over the internet.
  • Software is also on the way to allow you to use a USB printer and Video Camera to put your face onto game characters and print out game stats.

    Now that Linux (its a bit like windows) has been converted to work on the PS2 there will be word processing and spreadsheet programs like MsOFFICE and art programs like PHOTOSHOP on the way for the console which will allow you to plug in pretty much any PC USB device into your console.

    It should also be pointed out that USB expansion units that give you more of these sockets are also on the way.
  • [b]Jim, I've just got a brand new Sony Digital Camera (cyber-shot model) 2 reasons why

    1. need to upgrade my old one and get into the high-end entry level of digital image creation
    2. got a leaflet inside the box for a bit of free software for the PS2 to play around with the images.

    Also adding, there is a bit of a loose page in the book but all in Japanese, but it looks like you can store you photos on the new Sony HDD and transfer them across the net to freinds

    The software leaflet has to be mailed to the Netherlands, but I've done that with a Sony MD recorder and got 5 free mini discs for sending it off, Just have to wait for 6 weeks.
  • So far the one I know about are the GT3 Race Wheel and the keyboard. You can use the Race Wheel for racing (obviously) and the keyboard for the Game Shark and some games. (ex. Unreal Tournament...)