Msn Messenger
  • Is this box in the profile for sending or receiving an instant message to other members? I have noticed the icon at the bottom of members posts but don't know how to use it or what to input in my profile box.
  • XR8TD, the PM at the bottom of users posts stands for Private Message and all you have to do is click on a users PM button and then put something in the subject title and type in and the message you want to send them and then click send.

    Easy as that. :)
  • For the MSN field you would put whatever e-mail address you happen to use as a log in for the MSN Messenger. For mine,as an example,I put in my Hotmail address.

    When someone clicks it to send a message they will be taken to a screen with a mesage box similar to this (no emoticon list or tags can be used however). Just type the message and hit the send button-you'll get a confirmation that the message has been sent (as you do with normal PMs) and be brought back to the post you found the button at. Quite simple,really! :)