007 Golden Eye Reborn?
  • I recently bought 007 Nightfire and I think it rocks! I especially like the multiplayer. It is very reminiscent of Golden Eye for Nintendo 64. Golden Eye was my all time favorite game for 64 mainly because of the multiplayer. I remeber many sleepless nights battling it out with my friends on the old split screen. After a couple crummy Bond titles I think Nightfire recaptures the true 007 spirit that most of us came to love as a result of GoldenEye. Tell me what you think.
  • I would have to agree that NightFire is by far the best 007 since Golden Eye but i think any FPS would be hardpressed to surpass that in funfactor if just that alone. I think that there are some things that weren't done so well but EA will more than likely have the next game even better than this one but we shall see. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I would have to disagree with you guys because i thought NightFire was far to easy and abit to leanier for my liking.
    Only good thing about it was the multiplayer factor.

    I'm glad i only rented this game and not bought it :)
  • I guess i would have to take into account that FPS' definitely aren't my style so my likes and dislikes easily change when it comes to other genres. This could explain me liking NightFire moreso than GoldenEye but then again, that's just me. Personally i am not a fan of multiplayer games so that wasn't really a big factor for me. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well, I got this game as a Christmas present, and I think that its fantastic, especially as its the first ever FPS that i'd played properly. Sure, single-player is a bit easy, but you can always turn up the difficulty and aim to achieve a platinum score; aided by unlocking new upgrades and multiplayer modes.

    The multiplayer is massive, and has many customisable options. If you get bored, get 6 al, change their stats to hardened crooks and use the explosive weapons set to blow them away B)
  • Even though it was on the Nin-dodo, Goldeneye ruled. However the emphasis was squarely on FPS action and it had
  • Well i have completed agent under firew and that was pretty good but i was planning to buy that tomorrow from a freind!!

    Ill tell you tomorrow about what i thought of it!