• As most of you know I
  • I'll choose the third option Gid - It's a complete and utter load of crap.

    Don't you think if these horoscope readers really could tell what is going to happen to you that they would be the most highest paid people in the world.

    I don't believe in nothing like this..ie..psychics or mediums. These people should be locked away because they give people false hope and i find that disgusting.

  • I'll opt for a combination of 'fun' and rubbish.
    I like to wait 'til the end of the day to see what it was like, then get entertained by what they've said it should have been like! :lol: I love the ones that tell me how I'll find love somewhere..... heh heh...... guess I should tell my husband about that, eh? :blink:


    (One day I'm gonna give Miss Cleo a call just to see what she has to say! ;) )
  • I think it's pure crap. Occasionally though, I do read the drivel to check for coincidence.
  • I have to concur that it is a complete load of crap, but can be good for a laugh sometimes. My wife believes in that John Edwards guy and thats about it, we often sit and have a good laugh at what the horoscopes say are supposed to happen.

    If it were true why ain't I a millionare like they promised I would be. <_<
  • I think it is a big waste of time, I read mine everyday in the paper and I only found 2 that was right al togeather. Huge pile of rubbish if you ask me. :ph34r:
  • I've read my horoscope for both parties (Zodiac and Astrological sign) and both are a load of rubbish. I laugh at how rediculous they actually are.
  • I think their just for fun, really. I mean it's kinna funny to read last month's horoscope in a magazine this month and see how wrong it was!

    :blink: MaRgO :rolleyes:
  • "False Hope"? Well for me I could lump alot of the World's Religion's into the same catergory.
    And no I don't personally subscribe to the obvious drivel spouted from a bunch of Glossy mag's, or even the local paper.
    Especially if it's an international magazine! But in saying that, I too have been known to skim through the odd Horoscope, and even have a family member (and no it is not me.) who doe's study such thing's, as Astrology!
    Am I a firm believer?..........Well, l don't discredit it entirely. Is it mere coincidence? I'm still not sure. But I can say, a proper reading done by someone who has been properly trained, and I should add here also......A Personal Reading, is a far cry from what you get in a magazine. To me that's more "Fortune Telling", don't confuse the two, as they (as I learn't .) are different in many way's.
    I'm not trying to change anyone's personal view here, gee's, I'm not even a 100% sure myself. I just don't rule all the possibility's out, and that goe's for the "God" thing too.
    I guess only time will tell, huh? After all we laugh at our distant ancestor's for thinking the World was Flat! Will we too, be viewed this way in hundred's of year's to come by our's if indeed what we mock, turns out to be true? If everything in Heaven and Earth is connected, and the Moon effect's the ebb of the tide.......is it so farfetched to think the planet's don't effect us in some personal way?
    As I said, I'm personally fence-sitting on this and the God thing.

  • I opt for number 3 as well, I never read the Crap!
    Only in a blue moon..... and I'm a Leo if that is suppost to mean a damm thing :angry:

    On a lighter note If I am eating some chinese food and we all get the fortune cookies, we do get a laught out of that and that's about all. :lol:

  • I also have to go with number 3, I think it's just a waste of valuable time where you could've been reading something more intreguing (sp?) like a dictionary... ;) :P
  • I have several astrologer friends who swear by it! The general stuff you get in the dailies is mostly tosh but i can tell you that personalised natal charts tend to be rather more accurate.

    Having said that, on August 9th 1985 my horoscope in the paper said:
    "Today you will helping someone out of a hole"

    Several hours later I gave birth to Josh! I kid you not, that is the absolute truth!

    :D :D :D
  • Originally posted by LolaNicolina@Feb 20 2003, 04:01 PM
    [b]Having said that, on August 9th 1985 my horoscope in the paper said:
    "Today you will helping someone out of a hole"

    Several hours later I gave birth to Josh! I kid you not, that is the absolute truth!

    :D :D :D [/b]

    Mmmm, mental pictures.
  • i think horoscopes r fun. there fun because if u think about it long enough u can relate anything they say in them to your life. i think that's the idea when they wright them, all they really have to do is be very general and if u think about long enough your going to find somthing to relate it to. example: you will find a new love in your life in the near future, well i could try a new burger and love it and then relate to that. i think there fun to just kinda see what u can relate it to in your life. but in no way do i belive that they predect the future.

    well i'm gonna go check mine now...
  • What is the purpose of horoscopes? Is it really to tell the future?
    I don't think anyone seriously belive that everyone born within a certain period of time of a year share the faith of all the other also doing so.
    But as for giving people something to look forward to, to make the start off their morning by thinking that something marvelus wil happen, for that kind of "happy boost" I think they are great.

    I personaly don't bother reading them, never got into it.
    I found I spended to much time trying to avoid anything remotly corresponding to my horoscope of the day just to prove it wrong
  • Total bulls**t.

    Horoscopes are so vague that they could apply to any person in any situation. Lets take a look at mine from yesterday...

    "A good way to express your creative and artistic urges today is to make some of those little changes in your abode that you've been contemplating, be it your office or home.[/b]

    What the hell does that mean? I did not make any changes to my house or office (don't have an office anyway) and any that I would have made to the house would have required the wife's apporval. That would have shot my artistic and creative urges all to s**t anyway. ;)

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