Favorite Kinds Of Potatoe Chips?
  • My favorite kind of chips are 1.salt and vinager, 2. Barbacue and 3. Roast Chicken. What if your favorite kind of potatoe chips?
  • My favorite kind are...
    2. salt and vinager
    3.plane kind
    4.sour cream and onion
    and that's about all
  • here in texas we have a few brands that have jalepeno' flavor(which are great if you like spice), but i will also have to include barbque and salt and vinegar too.. and the old faithful sour cream and onion....
  • My favorite chips are salt & vinegar
    followed by cheeto's extra crunchy.
    They just came out with a new one that's made with avocodo...
    not bad!!

  • 1. Salt and Vinegar, mmmmmm, I love these, no one else I know does though :(
    2. Sour Creme and Onion
    3. There was this one brand of chips that I had once, can't remember it's name, but it was salsa flavored, had some spice to them, and man, they were good.

    Later all,
    Darkraider :ph34r:
  • Sour Cream and Onion is the only one I've tasted and the only one I plan on tasting.
  • Potatoe chips arent really my thing but
    1) Plane
    2) Honey baked ham ( Australian )
    3) Salt and vinegar
  • My number one would have to be honey baked ham Kettle chips,
    their wood fired BBQ chips aren't too bad either but sometimes I
    just feel like plain. Any brand'll do if it's plain but Kettle's plain is
    very weired, it has a strange flavour that I just can't put my
    finger on but I swear it changes with every munch.
  • Barbecue are about the only potato chips I like and they have to have lots of flavor like Krunchers brand or the Lays Kettle cooked ones.

  • My favourite flavour of crisps are:
    Pickled Onion
    Prawn Cocktail

    and not forgetting curry pringles!!!!!!! :D B) Bit special. Oh, and they used to sell chocolate pretzels a few years ago too, bit nice too!! :P (now i'm hungry
    :( )
  • My favs are:

    1. Original flavor Pringles (not ruffled)
    2. Dill Pickle
    3. salt and Vinger
    4. Sour Cream and Onion
    5. Barbeque
  • Only have two types of chips that I like. They are Texas Barbecue and Chicken... mmmm.

    Sour Cream and Chives is alright though i guess.
  • Well i like Kettles honey baked ham but i just love those "vege chips" you see me being a health food nut(all that swimming) They are 99% fat free so i eat them a lot! problem is they are no available in stores you have to order them in from Queensland.

    Damn im getting hungry.....I think ill go order a pizza.............PepperoniA(as usual :P :lol:

  • 1) Whatever Dorritos and Cheetos make! :)
    2) Salt and Vinegar
    3) Ketchup
    4) Old Bay Seasoning or Crab chips
    5) Lemon Lime Tortilla Chips for dipping

    -I love anything but plain...i need something that would make my sandwich look good :P
  • Worchester sauce, and cheese and onion are really nice.

    I also like Cream 'n' Cheesy flavour in NIk Naks!


  • Wow, there are sure a lot of interesting flavoured chips (crisps) in here!!

    I like Barbeque, sour cream and onion, and plain of course, but the best Barbeque ones I've tasted are Kettle ones...... I love that extra crunchy texture!! :wub:
    (btw, plain ones are really good ON a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!) :D
  • I had chips with sandwhiches before but never on the.LOL! Why is WB going to murder you?
  • Smokey Red BBQ Doritos. Those are the only chips I buy, mainly because the wife is on a diet and she doesn't like'm but I love'm.

    Good spice to them.
  • Ruffles are awesome!!!!
  • I don't have ruffles, I have lays, I think lays are # 1.

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