Console / Pc Gaming Shows On Tv
  • I was just flicking through the channels earlier this afternoon and came across a show called Lan Jam (UK). As far as I could see they primarily dealt with console gaming, so I don
  • Consider yourself lucky you b@stard.
    Here in little ol Sweden we don't have ANY game related shows (that I know of).
    I have to watch the finnish "Pelit" or whatever it is called and I don't even speak finnish. :angry:

    The only soure of information about games I get trough the telly is the twice a year news report saying that games causes children, not only epileptic seizures, but also vilent behavior and loss off sleep.
  • Well, consider yourself lucky bud, at least that sort of bullsh!t information is more accurate and relevant to gaming than most of the info provided by the so-called
  • Yea !?
    You try picking out a game to buy beliving that Vice City will make you dig shallow graves in your backyard in the pale moonlight and that "PASKA" means "super duper". :lol:

    If interested, ask Gabe what Paska means ;)
  • Gid, i watched that Lan-Jam a few weeks ago and i also thought it was a heap of crap, it is far to childish (well it is on in the late afternoon:))

    I watch Cybernet a few times but it is on far to late for me, 2:30am or even later :(

    Bits was an excellent games program in my opinion because it was aimed towards adults so they showed the gore of the games and they swore quite alot. [Bring Bits Back]

    I also remember a game program called GameMaster and what a quality program that was :D
  • I've ssen Lan Jam quite a few times, and thought it isnt that amazing, its pretty okay, even if watching people play games isn't the most brilliant thing to watch.

    It does help you see what the games are going to be like...but you can't expect any more from childs presenters.

  • Hahaha, i'm sure glad i live in the states.........oh, right......the moving. Anywho, watch myself a little G4(24/7 gaming channel) and maybe a little Extended Play on TechTV if i'm even home when it's on(now that it plays while i'm at work most of the time). Really that's it other than maybe something on gaming coming on Discovery or the Learning Channel(but how good can they be?). Anyway, Gaming is the devil!!!!No, wait, not what i wanted to say....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Originally posted by madhtr@Feb 22 2003, 07:11 AM
    [b]Anyway, Gaming is the devil!!!!No, wait, not what i wanted to say.... [/b]

    :lol: Bwahahahahahaaa
  • There are two shows here in Canada that deal with gaming news/reviews/tips/etc.-the one I see most is the one Mad mentioned,Extended Play on TechTV.When this show started a few years ago they had 2 hosts,Adam Sessler and Julie Fielder (who knew her stuff and was rather attractive as well).She later was replaced by Kate Botello (who was transferred over from another show on the network) but now it's just Sessler on there.The show is still good with info on all systems but I preferred having the 2 hosts.

    The other is Electric Playground,hosted by Tommy Tallarico (who also writes game music) and Victor Lucas (who you probably will recognize as the hosts of Judgement Day on G4,mad :) ).One thing I like here is they both give their opinion on a game and they have interviews with developers about upcoming games.It's shown on Space (a sci-fi channel here in Canada) and in the US on Discovery Channel.Would like to see the G4 channel come up here but I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.
  • Hey Lyndon,

    I too live in Canada but I don't know the shows that you speak of. I know that there is, or was, on the kids channel YTV that's one reason why I don't watch that much TV. But I would like to know what times Electronic Playground plays so I can check it out and I don't catch TechTV.