• I think that this game is really bad and is pointless. You just kill people by kicking there heads off and stuff. It is really gory and it is unsuitable for younger players. I would not reccomend this game to anybody. If you played it, what do you think about it?
  • Yes... i did play Thrill Kill ;) Admittadly it was on my friends chipped PSX :( It was a fun game... for all of 10 minutes. Then it got quite pointless really. And we went back to playing Tekken!
  • Yea i had it back in the days when i had my PSX, i think it sucked bigtime.
    A couple of freax jumping around in a madrassed room kicking eachothers heads off, really violent and really gory.
  • Thrill Kill was the fashnizzy ma nizzy

    Lamens Terms-

    That game was awesome despite the fact that people thought it was too gory and dark. I saw through all the blood and darkness...and saw guts and more blood...but it was still pretty good ;)
  • I've played Thrill Kill before and i thought it was awesome. The finishing moves were so funny, they cracked me up everytime.

    It would just be the best thing if Thrill Kill was remade for the PS2, it would out a doubt be a top seller.

    Re-make Thrill kill - Re-make Thrill Kill - Re-make Thrill Kill

    :D :P :D
  • It was cool for about a sec..
  • Apart from the graphics being pretty much in the pants region, I thought it was quite a fun game really!
    Not as good as Mortal Kombat but still fun!
    I have no aversion to gory games, in fact as far as beat 'em ups are concerned, I say more gore!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • I won that game the first time I tried and I only lost 3 times to the boss 3 times! I don't like that game much and I think it isn't fun anymore. I thought it was funny the first few minutes but then, you know the rest, I already mentioned it twice!
  • I have never played Thrill Kill and probably never will. So why am i posting you're probably wondering? Just doing my job. Tony, you are right in that you've posted twice on the same subject that you started in the first place. If you had something else to say about the game then you should have edited your first post, not make a new post just for the fun of it. You've been trying to tell other members what the rules are but I think you're one of the ones that need to understand the rules. You've been told what you've done wrong, been stuck in the cooler, been banned, and yet we even let you back......you need to start going by the rules, and we're not going to keep going easy on you. If anything, you'd bettr go back and read that PM that Steve sent you and you need to start following the forum rules and not your own. Oh, and for those of you who are thinking i should have done this in the PM system, we have tried before and it hasn't worked. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.