• on ultima i cant evn attemp to beat him cause i cant get down there without getting killed by a t-rexour doing 9999 on me or to iron giants killing me. and omega i thing you have to be invincible or something i cant beat them please help
  • I posted how to beat Ultima before, here's how to beat Omega. You need Squall, Irvine and Rinoa (or Zell if Rinoa doesn't have her ultimate limit). Here is the order of moves:

    1.) Summon Cerebus
    2.) Use triple to haste, protect and shell all of your guys. Use double to aura two of your people (I'll explain this later).
    3.) Cycle through your characters until one has the limit option, preform it and continue cycling.

    All of your characters must have 9999 HP. If one gets hurt, heal him immediatly, if he gets killed, use the ability Life (NOT the spell) and recast all of the spells above, this means you have stop attacking for a few seconds.

    As said above, only two characters will attack. One will be Irvine. If you can pull of Omnislash, make Squall the second. Use Rinoa's final limit if you can't pull of Omnislash consistently, or Zell if you don't have Rinoa's final limit and you're bad with Squall. The person in the party who doesn't have aura on him/her must not attack and must have the guardian which provides the Life ability. Irvine will need the AP shots, and I outlined a way to use Zell's limit more effectivly in an earlier thread.

    If you follow this confusing, rambling system you should beat him. Note however that even with protect and shell, Omega weapon will still have one move that will kill two of your people. If you can come back from that you should do fine. This system works beauitfully against Ultimecia and look for an earlier thread on Ultima weapon.

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  • just use some holy wars and do what Punk buddy said!!
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  • Use the holy war but first cast some aura on SQUALL first for him to use LION HEART.
  • It's been a coupla yrs since I played FF8, but I do know that if u can't get past the Trexaurs & Iron wotsits u shouldn't b down there in the first place.
    I went through the whole game without using a holy war once...as long as Squall has less than 10% of his life all the time and has friends to phoenix down him, u'll never lose a fight.
    Mind u, I could b wrong, it's been a while.

    grins @ Punk

  • Squall's lion heart is the best limit break in the game. It will cost a lot of damage and may even instantly kill a powerful enermy. (if the life is low)

    Selphie's the end is also very good but it is very difficult to come by.
  • One trick to get The End (I've only heard this, haven't tried it) is to pop open the cd cover when you start Selphie's limit.
  • Squall's lion heart only comes in randomly. You have 40% of getting it only. Also, popping open the cd cover is not a wise thing to do as it may damage your playstation and maybe your disc as well.
  • :)Its a chance I would take:cool:yeah no I wouldnt pop open the playstation top too:(
  • Cosidering my level of affection for FF8 I should do it.
  • PunkBuddy,
    There is only a 40% chance of damaging your PSX but on the third time my cousin pop open the cover, he has pay a big price for it.
  • omega wepon is easy
  • Hey before you challenge omega weapon you might wanna junction your innitiative to all of em
  • I found that the omega weapon had a set routine! He always cast lv5 death at the start (junction 100 deaths to st-def) he then has two v.powerfull moves. He faffs around a bit with a few not so powerfull moves and will then do his first powerful move which takes off 9998 off all your charactors and after that will do his insane move which kills allyour charactors! The easy way to stop this is to setup your charactors so that one has recover (I had Zell), one has revive (Rinoa) and the other has magic with full-life(Squall), All must have item and make sure you have lots os mega-elixiers. Now no matter what charactor you have ready you can always heal or revive! My stratagy woz to keep all charactors at 9999 until omega used the 9998 move then used a hero item on squall and healed the other two. So squall will now be invincible and on 1 (lotsa limits!) and omega is sure to use his psycho move whilst Squall is still in hero mode! so a double Full-life is all you need! And obviously the idea is to use Squall to always limit and the other two to do the healing!
    Oh and pray for the Pheonix
  • u guys r funny poping open the lid on the playstation will not hurt it in anyway i do it all teh time also that stupid crap about popping open the lid to get the end for slphie is a bunch of bull dont even try. thirdly yes squalls finishers r picked randomly but the worse he is hurt the higher the probabilty of getting lion heart as a matter of fact through testing i was at 1 hp and cast hero on squall and 19 out of 20 times i pulled lion heart which gives u a 95% chance of using it