Buying Your Games?!
  • What stores do you go to buy your games? I know that when go to buy my games I get excited and have to waste valuable time walkin to the bathroom.Explain why you chose that store and you could choose more than one.
  • I go to EB the guys there even know my voice over the phone. I enjoy giving my business to people who appreciate it.

    However, since WallMart is open 24/7 in my town if I make good tips I can't stay away from a place that at 2 AM has nobody clogging the aisles, there are 3 employees to every customer, and great return policy.
  • :lol: Funny you should ask about this.
    I am at the moment this close /<->/ to being arrested as a probable shoplifter.
    I havn't got that much money to spend on games, but I do have a lot of time to look for the cheap deals. So I usually visit the 3 stores (Game, Tradition, El Giganten) that are known to have the best prices alot. Sometimes up to 4 times in a week since they tend to rotate the second hand games at one of these stores.
    I have bought games from every one of these places, not just cus the price was right but also to keep the competition going and there through ensure that the prices stays down.

    I do however favor "Tradition" since they have the personal that really knows about games of all sort.
    I sometimes suspect the guy working there to be madhtr :lol:
  • I buy almost all of my games from Circuit City and not only because i work there and get a fat discount but also because we have the biggest selection of games around and also best prices(we're the only place to carry .hack for $39.99 as far as i know) around. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • [quote]Originally posted by jdm1108@Feb 25 2003, 01:31 PM

  • I buy mine at Zellers or Wal-Mart, I rarely buy used games because once I did and it was not working! So I don't buy used games that much! I do look for good buys as well, I buy new games when I really like them! That is where I get my games!
  • Return Policy:At walmart i ask to exchange the game for a new same game with the plastic cover over it.Then the next day i return it without opening it.I did dis bout 10 times. It works!!
  • I buy all my games from work. Only because i get games at cost price. Other than that, the service stinks, and they make me get my own bag :P
    I usually get things the minute they're released, or even pre-release if we get the shipment but aren't allowed to sell it (which has happened a couple of times, but we've sold them anyway :D )
  • buy games? What do you mean buy? Doesn't everyone get to take home a game of your choice
    for free, every time you browse through a shops selection?
  • Originally posted by Red MageX@Feb 26 2003, 02:17 AM
    Return Policy:At walmart i ask to exchange the game for a new same game with the plastic cover over it.Then the next day i return it without opening it.I did dis bout 10 times. It works!!

    Now why would anybody wanna exchange an opened game for one with the plastic on and then return it the next day, and do so about 10 times, I wonder? <_< </b>
  • I live in a small town in Florida. I work at a movie rentel store so I can take any game or movie home free when ever I like.
  • I usually get my games at Wal-Mart. But a couple of times I have gotten my games at Hastings, which is the only video rental store in the town where i live.
  • I usually buy my games from a store called ''charliesgames'' in Newcastle. Newcastle is only about a 20 minute metro ride from where i live.

    If i can't be bothered to go to Newcastle i just go into my local town and buy games from ''gamestation''

    I never buy games from major store because they are too damn expensive.
  • EB, Microplay, Zellers, Wal-mart... anywhere I can get'm really. If I think it is a good price I'll get it if I want it.

    I have no problem with used games. If it isn't gonna work it isn't gonna work the first time you try it... right? No problem, they all come with a guarentee, just take it back.
  • I go to Wal-mart 98% of the time and the other 2% i go to media play to my ps2 games.
  • I mostly buy from Software Ecetera(sp?), or I get them from my local Wal-Mart. Too bad my local stores don't really get any of the new games, I have to usually go into the next town, about an hour away, to get anything that is under a month old.

    Later all,
  • Any game store. There is not one place in particular that holds all the games I like. One game may be at Fry's Electronics and another may be at Electronics Botique and another might be at a gaming store at the mall. It all depends on the game. Most of the time my purchases are at Electronics Botique...but if I get to Target beforehand then it's usually Target.
  • I tend to look around and then see which place has the game at the cheapest price and get it there.Most times I wind up getting it from FutureShop,Wal-Mart or MicroPlay (a canadian videogame store chain).I tend to do most of my shopping for games online though-I have several Canadian sites to choose from.
  • I almost always by my games at Best Buy. They have reasonable prices and a great selection. I have bought one or two at Walmart, but only because they had a special advertised price.
  • A Finnish online auctionplace.

  • Lately I get my games from that online 'amazon' place. ;) I think most of us know where I'm talking about. But, I used to go to a place called "VGE" (Video Games Exchange) where they had excellent prices on new stuff, even better prices on used stuff and always had up-to-date gear on the shelves. They had guys working there that had their heads screwed on straight when it came to gaming info, always knew what was going on, what's hot/what's not, but then for some strange reason they went out of business!! :( I loved that place!!!!!!!

    So now it's either that amazon place or Wal-Mart, with the ocassional jaunt through Toys-R-Us, but not often.

    Sorry to say Mad, I've never had the best luck with Circuit City when it cames to games. Either the selection was lousy (in the CC in my area) or the prices were waaaaayyyyyy too high. :(
  • I usually shop around for the best price which usually sees me buying at K-mart, Target or Big W. Recently I have bought alot of my games off E-bay. Touch wood I have never had an issue with buying the games second hand and they are usually much cheaper, sometimes even more than half the price of what they are on the shelves.

    Although, I have bought games in just about every store that sells them in my area. Electronics Botique has the best service in the area.
  • i always go to electronic botique. (indiana) or wal-mart. :)
  • I buy them at Best Buy or Target cause they are the cheapest in my area. And they stock them better then any other store in town. :rolleyes:
  • Hmm...well I usually get my games from...uhh...I forgot............Oh no wait...I used to get them from Best Buy..It has been a while since I have bought a new game. I think I got some from Wal-Mart and FuncoLand.

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