What's The Most Frustrating Boss?
  • i'd have to say that the last boss on ff8, and safer-sephiroth on ff7 is the most frustrating so far for me! :)
  • I would have to say either the final battle with Ghaleon from Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete or the final boss in Star Ocean: 2nd Story were the two most frustrating boss battles ever. I still don't think that i've completed Star Ocean, but that's only because i'm only around level 126 when i hear that you need to be around 175 to have a chance against this boss.

    Oh, and my reward for final boss battles would have to be Gungrave where the boss tells you to shoot him and you do and that's it. He knew i was going to kill him anyway though, he did kill me, which is why we're named 'Beyond the Grave' in the game.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hated, Hated, Hated Ruby Weapon in FF7! :angry:
  • I have to say my Boss at work :blink: :D :D
  • Until I figured out that I had to use the UAS-12 to shunt Chance into the blades of the chopper at the end of Syphon filter 2, I must have tried everything to kick his a$$.

    Given that Chance was invulnerable to everything except the tail rotors
  • probaly kazauya from tekken2 :blink:
  • I think that the most challenging boss was Liquid Snake at the end of Metal Gear Solid. I must have tried to beat him 30 times before i finnally did, it took me forever.
  • The one from Mega Man Legends took me around 4 tries to beat him, I can beat him pretty much every time now!
  • I would have to say the last boss on Xenogears, I mean, there are 5 guys you need to fight, and currently I am not a high enough lvl to last through all of them. That would be my worst boss ever.

    Later all,
  • ff8 for me too. 9 & 10 were to EZ
  • The final mission on Driver. I guess the cops could be the boss. :blink:
  • Actually the most frustrating boss I can think of right now is the chick on Legend of Dragoon who poses as Pricess Emilia. I still have yet to beat her.

    Another one I haven't beaten yet and is a frustrating boss is Garai on Chrono Cross. He has made me angry several times with his constant attacks.

    The most frustrating boss that I have already battled would be Schizo from Final Fantasy VII. That was before I learned about how to combine my weapons, materia and armor to work with each other.
  • [quote]Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Feb 28 2003, 02:37 AM
    [b] [b]

    Another one I haven't beaten yet and is a frustrating boss is Garai on Chrono Cross.
  • I have to say that Psycho Mantis was a very hard boss to beat. I spend a week trying to kill him until I switched controllers. How stupid I was!

    Sephiroth (FF7)was hard (yet fun afterwards) if you didn't find Knights of the Round Table. He kept on healing and kicking my arse up and down the game.

    After those games I would analze my boss and find a weakness and if I get help from the computer I keep pumping them for info.

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!
  • Tagging all of the objects on the south bank in London in THPS4 was really hard, as I kept missing one or two things.

    Equally hard was getting all of the 40 objects in 1 minute to escape from alcatraz.

    Before I had the lightgun, defeating Web spinner in the special mode on time crisis was impossible, and i only barely managed it using the lightgun.

  • Originally posted by jdm1108@Feb 26 2003, 09:04 AM
    Hated, Hated, Hated Ruby Weapon in FF7!

    Kicked ruby weapon and emerald weapon's a**e first time, mine was definately penence (damn him) on final fantasy x GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! :angry:
  • The most frustrating boss I have ever faught against would have to be Skeith from .hack//infection that guy gave me so much hassle thank god i stocked full of everything before i went in even though i was a level 32 when i fought him he gave me so much trouble
  • Well for me the most annoying boss I've ever fought was most likely Fuast from Legend Of Dragoon. That's only on the top of my head. There's probaly a tougher boss out there I've beaten just can't think of him(or her), cause I've played A LOT of games and I mean A LOT.

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