Your Fortune
  • Ok I went and got some Chinese food for dinner tonight. After eatting me and my wife opened our

    fortune cookies. Mine said He who loves you will follow you. Come on I can make better fortune than

    that. Even Homer could. I just think that it would of been cooler to get one like this.

    Help! I'm being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery.

    I would hit the floor rolling if I opened my fortune cookie and it said that. Or this one

    You will receive a fortune cookie. instead you get this funky ones that no one understands like

    A starship ride has been promised to you by the galactic wizzard. Hit me back and tell me what you

  • Much like horoscopes fortune cookies are a load of bulls*it.
  • Since fortune cookies are bogus anyway, me and my friends decided to spice things up wiht the fortunes. Instead of making whole new ones we just add the phrase:

    In Your Pants

    right after the fortune. Man, doing that makes you laugh so hard. I was actually at a chinese buffet last night when were making the phrase up. My friend PJ's fortune read : "You are the center of attention, people look forward to seeing you" then we added "in your pants" after it. We had the table next us cracking up :D
  • Originally posted by GeneStarwind@Mar 1 2003, 10:21 AM
    [b]In Your Pants [/b]

    Same here except we add "In Bed". There was one time my friends and I added that and it came out like:

    "There is a special love dance waiting for bed"

    It was disgusting...but it was still hilarious.
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Mar 1 2003, 02:01 PM
    Much like horoscopes fortune cookies are a load of bulls*it.

    Your avatar I think, looked better before, and I agree with you so much!