Splinter Cell
  • In this months edition of OPS2M (UK) there
  • Got the demo from work today. Had a couple a few many goes and i'll definitely be buying it. In fact, it's going striaght to my 'Waiting For:' list (see below).

    Maybe i'm missing something but once you jump down the hatch, is there no where to go?
  • my friend has the game for x-box, I played it but it wasnt that fun to me as MGS2 was. I dont know, I thought the graphics were good but I mean graphics arnt everything.
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  • If you go into this game thinking MGS then you'll be disappointed to no end. Why do i say this and does that mean the game isn't worth it? Sure, a stealth game but it's more of a pure stealth title than it is anything else. MGS was action first and stealth later. You'll need to use your gadgetry more and your weapons less as you take out only the enemies that you need to while you learn to conceal yourself in the darkness(even if you have to create this). By all means this title is an excellent title and would be a terrific addition to anyone's stealth game collection(which means it's not for me). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • :ph34r: LOOK OUT SOLID SNAKE!!