Superman Shadows Of Apokolips
  • :ph34r: hey all been awhile ,but i was wonderin' if anyone knew when the superman shadows game will go on sale for 19.99 I know it is 29.99 now and the xbox game is already 19.99,and was wondering when the ps2 game will drop.

    p.s. does anyone have this game and is it worth the money??? thanks
    :ph34r: :ph34r:
  • Okay I think superman games have developt there rep. when the superman game for the N64 came out (meaning superman games suck really bad)
    But not to say that even if your a superman fan you shouldnt get the new one for the PS2.
    I actually have a demo of the new superman game and its not that bad, actually.

    But since its $20 on the x-box, I think it should be $20 on the ps2 soon.

    Here let me check the web............*beep*..*boop*..*boop*..*beep*........ahhhh here we go.......... wow I searched bestbuy and circuit city all for 29.99, URL Edited (well there selling it for 23.99new, 18.39 used), .............Oh got one!
    Go to URL Edited there youll find your game for 19.99.

    Hope you buy online;)
  • Sorry, no urls to commercial sites there badboy. Oh, and one thing, the Xbox Superman is a totally different game than the PS2 one is. I can't remember it's name on the Xbox right now but it looks more like the Superman from the movies than the one for the PS2 does. Anyway, there's no telling when game prices will drop in retail, but we'll see when that time comes. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • oh shoot... I totally forgot about that, sorry.

    Well if you want the names of those sites just pm me.
  • :ph34r: ok thanks everyone for the advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!later dawgs and dawgetts of API !!!!!! :ph34r: