Make Your Own Game Program
  • Where can I find a program where I can make my own 3-D video games? One that is easy for beginners, and downloadable for free?
  • Well you will definitely struggle to find one for free. There are a few you could try out, I believe there are demos available for each as well.

    3D Game Maker - Never tried this one before, but from what i've read about it, it is the easiest program to use for making your own 3D games. Like a 3D version of Klik 'n Play (or so i'm told).

    Jamagic - My personal recommendation. These are the guys that made Klik 'n Play and it's future counter-parts. The program itself is less like a game-maker, and more like an easy version of C++, so you're not limited to games. The language is reasonably easy to learn, and they have great support forums where the members will be able to help you with absolutely anything.

    Blitz3D - Again, havn't tried this one. Can't give you much info unfortunately, but it is an option.

    Let me know if you want links to the official sites.
  • I heard the RPG Maker is not that bad either, me and my friend are thinking of getting it!
  • Well I know madhtr has been screwing around with Linux to make a game. And there realeasing a linux kit for the ps2.

    Well I have rpg maker on the pc and it is preety good, takes alot of time, have to read the intructions to get what your doing, but its all 2D so......

    RPGmaker 2 is coming out soon and I herd the games 3D engine is as good as the FF7 characters looked.

    Thats all that i know of really, except well for like the game editors on like Serious Sam on PC and Never Winter nights, and making mods and stuff.