• Dark Cloud 1 or 2 ?
  • I personly think that Dark Cloud 2 is better than the first one.
  • I'll put it this way. Take the original Dark Cloud, make it twice as fun to use the Georama, give you even more control, make the weaponry and other such items a customization part of the game, better graphics/sound/story, and overall giving you more of what you liked and less of what you didn't like and then you have Dark Cloud 2. If, to you, that makes a game better than DC2 is by all means at least twice as good as the original. What is my opinion, read the above and then add that i love the game and there you go. Oh, and i accidentally clicked on "See Results(Null Vote)" so i didn't vote. Oops, wrong button but you know how i felt about the game at least. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • i'd have to say dc 2, i've just heard that's a better game. but i also really liked the first one. the down side is that u have a time limit, drink water when u get thirsty, repair your weapon and it's kinda hard to buy items because they're pretty expensive. :ph34r:
  • Well I just bought Dark Cloud 2 like last week and I can proudly say........

    The Game Rocks!!! This game is so addictive, there are somemany thing to do in the game. I spent this weekend playing it non-stop (well not exactly I slept and plus I was sick from a cold so I dont have any choice to do anything else but sleep) But I played it for hours, probablly around 10 sat. and sunday.

    Im on chapter 3 and I didnt want to stop playing but its a school night, and I needed to eat dinner and and take something for my cold before I go to sleep. So yeah it takes alot of will power to stop playing this game. Well this is all In My Opinion so.....

    I never played the last game, I dont think I need to or want, but I know its a hella alot better than the first dark cloud.

    I usally only by RPG's not action RPG's and I think this game has lead me into that genra, its alot like the N64 zelda games, but better graphics more things to do, longer story, more upgrading abillities, and mini games.

    I really recomend this game to anyone who is remotelly intersted in it.
    When I herd about it, I was like "well it looke a'ight" Seriously no joke, I even started a new topic on it. And now that I got the game I have totally chnaged my opinion, it rocks!

    Buy it, and for only $40 its a rare gem.
  • DC2 sounds better than the first and looks better. Given time I will play it, try to beat it, return it to the rental store, and as a few weeks pass, buy it. Or I could just buy it now!

    One of the major probelms I had with DC2 was that the dudgeons (sp?) where to dull and repeatative. Sure the gameplay was kick a$$, the dudgeons killed it. Then there was the water meter which was really attacked the game play, but at the same time made it more challenging. Then you had to repair your weapons... I don't think there is enough space for me to bleap out what I said when my 7th Heaven all maxed out broke because I was attacking a rock which takes away alot of it's HP and didn't get the this weapon is about to break box. Other than those major complaints THe game was awesome. I liked being able to arrange the towns and keep the villagers happy. And then there was fishing! THe first time I caught that secret fish, I kept on catching it...Then there's the weapon upgrades...Man that was fun!

    Can someone tell me if DC2 has those major complaints I hated... If it had those darn dudgeons I'm going crazy...In a bad way.

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!