Who's Your Favorite Rapper/singer?!
  • Okay here's the deal. Just tell me who you like that sings or raps and why, well maybe just who but it doesn't really matter. I like Eminem, he really can rap. I understand all his lyrics. And he's cool cause he's not perfect. :ph34r: B) :blink:
  • I don't necessarily like rap that much, but I do like the Eminem song that he sings to his daughter. I can't remember the name...but that song is so sad. Actually listening to Eminem songs helps me beat Donkey Kong levels I've found out...so I guess I do like Eminem.
  • I forget the name of that song too! :D I like Eminem as well! I have allot of his songs!
  • Love Eminem. He's funny. I like the way that he can say things that no one else has ba//s to say. I also like Puddle of Mudd, Limp Bizkit(where did they go), don't care much for Korn and don't like anything country like.
  • My favourite rap artists would be Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. You want reasons? Well i just like the phatness of 50, snoop and dre, the bass in thier voice goes well with the beats B)

    As for Eminem, I like the energy, get's me pumped :)

    Pick of the week: 50 Cent - It's Your Birthday
  • The one he sings to his daughter, i think its Hailie's Song.

    My favourite rapper/singer/band, definitely Eminem, followed closely by 50 Cent, Obie Trice and Korn. They are all really good, i like em all. I love the lyrics that they use/rap/sing. And the beats are awesome. I've got all of Eminem's albums except for Infinite, and i guess ill never get it, its over 8 years old i think.
  • If we all try to forget all this MTV
  • My current fav: 50 Cent

    Was just spinning Dr. Dre earlier.

    Some of my other favs would be Quarashi, Run DMC(RIP Jam), X-Ecutioners, and Snoop Dogg. Maybe a little D-12 as well.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Looks like there is a pattern forming here, eminem is very popular - not that he's pop or any thing.

    Eminem is also my favourite rapper, what a surprise. His 8-mile soundtrack kicks @ss. It has a load of other artists on also. Great movie also :D
  • :ph34r: my favorite singer is james hetfield of metallica,he has got a f**kin' awsome voice later all :ph34r:
  • I like Jonathon Davis, Fred Durst, James Hetfield, not that in to rap or boy bands
  • To be honest, I really like to hear myself singing. :lol:
    But enough about ME.

    Mike D & company and Snoop gets alot of airtime in my house.
    I LOVE the sounds of Macy Gray and Tom Waits.
    How can I not get enchanted by the high pitched sqeels of Axl and Bonn Scott.

    That's some Swedish singers and Oprea not included.
  • Can't narrow it down to a single favorite......actually I could make a list extrememly long but I'll try to narrow it down a bit.........in no certain order, other than the one they popped into my head

    Wayne Coyne - Flaming Lips - It's not the sound of your voice that's important, it's the emotion put into it, the lyrics you sing, and how well you keep a harmony and this man does it all and he does it all geniouslly, I have great respect for him for the fact how seriously he takes himself even when he's trying to hit those high notes that can't be reached and his voice crackles and pops everywhere he never loses a beat. His meaningful while at the same time nonsence lyrics are very reminescant of the greatest songwriter ever to grace the face of the earth IMO Bob Dylan

    Black Francis or Frank Black whatever you wanna call him - ex Pixies , Frank Black and the Catholics - awesome, awesome, singer/songwriter/guitarist....he keeps the ryhthm and the harmony going while just using his voice as another instrument, goes from French to Spanish back to English and every once in a while you actually hear what he has to say and it's usually profound......He actually tries to sing well on his newer post Pixies stuff still good but nothing to get excited about, when your approachin 40 I guess you would calm down a bit.

    Gene Ween - his vocals ranging from distorted thrasher metalish sound to some 70's funk to some Wayne Newton sounding stuff, awesome talent

    Gibby - Butthole Surfers - the use of his effects has never came close to being equaled, check them out live sometime you'll see what I mean

    honorable mention
    Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Dave Grohl, Kim Deal, Macy Gray, one of the guys from Bone Thugs and Harmony think it's Busy Bone or whatever, Ray Charles.................just to name a few :unsure:
  • [B]personally I like 50 cent also and the rest of th those peoples, like Eminem, Dr.Dre, 50 cent, Snoop, Xizibit, & D-12. They all have down @$$ music that I love to hear. Oh and for everyone who likes the song to his daughter is called "Hailey's Song". I was just listening to it this morning.[B] <_< B) :huh: <br />But the atist that I just named, some people think they r nasty but, they are just talkin about their lives and sh!t!
  • My favorite rappers are ICP, Twiztid, E-40, Yukmouth, Tech N9ne, and Three 6 Mafia. Well I bet all you Eminem fans hate me now but even though I like ICP and Twiztid I still respect Eminem and think he's a better rapper than most just not my favorite.
  • When it comes to rappin' it begins and ends with the same......Kid Shazam! He's the shiznit, yo!

    ps. Rap-rap-rippity-doo! :lol:
  • My fav rapper is 50 Cent, follwed closey by eminem and then obie trice, renegade and prodigy had a couple of rap songs that I liked also.
  • I'm not a rap fan myself and I'm glad you separated rapper and singer ie, (rapper/singer). The closest thing to rap that I like would be Faith No More's song Epic. B) B) . I like music with more grunt than talk.

    My fave bands consist of ACDC, Metallica, Creed and a few oldies like Madness, Van Morisson and a few others. ;)

    Have a great Easter break folks, I'm off for the weekend. B)
  • Yes, I do as well as many others like EminEm. I also like 50 Cent.
  • I like Eminem.
  • EMINEM!!! For me! He's so cool and can rap really well and even sing realy well :blink:

    p.s If anybody wants any liriks for any of his songs just email me or pm me. :peace:
  • either eminem or oxide and neutrino they kick asssssssssss! :peace:
  • Originally posted by chelseafc@May 24 2003, 10:07 AM
    either eminem or oxide and neutrino they kick asssssssssss! :peace:


    You go dude!!!

    :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • i dont listen to rap, but i think eminem is a bit selfish becaus eall he does is sing about himself and all, but i respect him (i like his latest SING FOR THE MUSIC) i think eminem is worth listening and very understandable. One of the few rappers i can understand, besides NAS.
    He could Tweak his lyrics a bit though.
  • IMo, probably 2Pac.

    Nas is ok, and so is Eminem, who has produced some fantastic tracks - Yeh i have the Eminem Show.

    I don't usually listen so solo artists, usually bands, but out of the few solo artists i listen to, maybe D.Beddingfield? He's ok, and has talent (which can't be said for numerous many people)

  • Ehem, I would Like to say, You cant spell Crap without RAP, I personally Love Van Morrisons Voice as well As The Headstones!! :peace: :punk:
  • :clap: Dude, Eminem ROCKS :woot: He's the best rapper out there. My favorite song by him is Lose Yourself. That song is the best song ever! That's why it has won awards. :disco: Eminem is #1!!! :disco: Don't even try to argue with me :fight:

  • my fav all time singer(s) are Linkin Park..and my other favs are, ICP,Twiztid,Dark Lotus,Fred Durst,and OPC well only one song from them called Heaven is a Halfpipe Download it!

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