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  • I was going to post this a long time ago but someone reminded me to today. Do you read what the movements are to your character and the controls. Do you read any of the Instruction Manual? I only read it if there is a game I really like.(like Harvest Moon Save the Homeland. Do you read them?
  • I usually get halfway through the games manual until I realize that this is just the same as any other game and close it. But like you, tony, if the game really gets a grip on me I read the whole thing trough just in case (usually while taking a dump).

    As for video, stereo, TV orstuff like that-manuals I really try to read them all. Sometimes you'll find out that your gadgets can do thing you have no idea that they could. Sometimes you ust get a laugh out of the instructions given.
    "While the sharp blades are rotating, DO NOT INSERT HAND!"
    Well, duh :lol:
  • Since i usually get games that warrant a background i usually read the story background that is in the manual. The controls for the games are usually the same or they're listed in the game so i usually don't need it for that. There are some games(all sports titles) that i won't read the manuals though. I guess it's just like how i am with strategy guides. I usually only get them because i enjoy reading all the info in them. Of course that's what I do anything for so oh well on that one....heh, heh. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I realy never look at the instructions manual unless I buy the game that is about an 1 and a half away from my house, then I usally look therw it while me and my familly is driving home.

    But I mean if I am completely stuck on a game I check the maunal but other than that I dont think I look into them that much.
  • Considering there is an exactly the same thread in the general area that you also posted in Tony, i shall be closing this one now. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. And before you ask me, an instruction manual is an instruction manual, no matter what it's for so we only need one thread. I'll link the other thread here after a bit.
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