How Many Games Do You Own?
  • i own about...maybe 30 games. :)
  • Well I don't own that many games but I own 12 games soon to grow to 13 haha :D
  • Oi, now there's a topic for you, makes you count even. Seeing as I'm too lazy to count, I'm just gonna take a rough estimatent of my PS/PS2 games, and say around 45, give or take.

    Later all,
  • I'm going to say 13, that only includes PS2 games because I can't find half my PSX games and PC games ( :blink: ).

    There's a list of them in my profile, for anyone who's interested :)
  • I own about 30 games, in that range.
  • Ok, i have 18 PS2 games, At least 30 PSX games, and while we're counting disks, over 400 CDs, 20+ DVDs, and 50+ Anime movies/series(on DVD).

    So, that gives me about 50 games, give or take a few. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hi, I have 82 games so please some-one beat that!

    Most are new but some are old! Honestly 82 games sitting in my bedroom!!
  • 49 counting PS and PS2. Another 3 for Nintendo. 38 for my Atari. That would be 90 I believe. Sorry sherman. :)
  • I've got about 15 PS2 games, i haven't counted my PSX games in a long time but i think i had around 30 at one time, i've got around 80 DVD's so that makes up the largest part of my collection.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Feb 26 2003, 02:29 PM
  • I've got 15 games here. Not all PS games though.
  • 11-15 range.... <_<
  • I rent most of mine and if I realy like it I'll buy it
  • Originally posted by flamingchopper@Mar 1 2003, 03:44 AM
    I rent most of mine and if I realy like it I'll buy it

    That is a good Idea, but usually when I rent a game I win it!
  • Well I own 15 Ps2 games
    13 ps1 games
    7 Gamecube games
    5 SNES games
    2 x-box games
    and i think abut 10 PC games :blink:
  • I currently own 5 PS2 games, about 10 PSX games and oh somewhere around 20 PC games ranging from Future Cop LAPD and Gunman Chronicles to the origional Command and Conquer. But if you want a disk count then stop counting since I personally have 2 DVD's, the old man has 2 and we have about 20 VCD's (movies downloaded off the net onto CD and then played using Windows MP or a DVD player. Heck a friend of the old mans even got LOTR 2 just 2 days ago off the net and he gave the 4 disks to my old man to copy. Howzat for a good friend eh.).
  • [quote]Originally posted by Forger@Mar 6 2003, 11:32 AM
    [b]Heck a friend of the old mans even got LOTR 2 just 2 days ago off the net and he gave the 4 disks to my old man to copy.
  • As i said before dont mess with STEVE :ph34r: :ph34r:
    No seriuosly i cant even understand why ppl are DL VCD movies from the net, they are all in very crappy conditions and as everyone know its very illegal. FFS buy the movies on DVD, and u will support the ones who make them and u will get godly quality, and i almost forgot a nice collection to...
  • I bought a few games and I have 42 games all togeather. That includes ps1 and ps2 games!
  • i said over 36....but theyre not just for non-playstation games count?? if not then...i only have......16. if i were to include every game i own...i think it would be over 100.
  • Oops sorry I kinda forgot. I'll refrain from doing anything so dumb in future. See ya around.
  • I own many to count
  • Uhh... thanks for stopping at 36... I don't think I could count much higher! heheh. For real though I got a ton of games, and am just happy I found this place to talk about. RPG's and Sports games Foreveh!!! :D

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