Where Do You Rent Your Games?
  • I always rent my games at Sydney video and sometimes at BlockBuster, where do you rent yours?
  • I can't remember the last time I rented a game but it was from Blockbuster. I have a GOLD membership so I get extra little perks.
  • Usually at United Video........it's our local store, and I don't have to trek too far! Doubt if any of you guy's have heard of it? ;)
  • I usually hire my games from work because I get free rentals :)
    I'm such a cheapa$$
  • I just get all my games from Blockbuster, but usually if I am getting a game I'm buying it from Best Buy or Funcoland. And if they ever had some new Harvest Moon for rent I would keep renting til there in stock and for sell. :unsure: B)
  • I usally rent games from Blockbuster I think they have the best deals, and I always get those rent one rent one free thing in game mags. so I use those alot.

    Whats a gold membership from Blockbuster?
  • Originally posted by badboy 3223@Mar 4 2003, 11:38 PM
    Whats a gold membership from Blockbuster?

    A gold membership is just like the 'Rewards' one that you can buy except that if you spend enough money there you get a free gold membership.

    A gold membership includes...

    1. Every 6th new release rental is free. No limit to the number of free rentals, unlike the regular 'Rewards' membership where you only get one free per month.

    2. $2 off a rental every month.

    3. 4 extended viewing coupons, basically it will cover a one night late return fee.

    4. Rent a new release Monday to Thursday and get a 'Blockbuster Favourites' rental free on the same visit.

    5. Free rental on my birthday.

    6. 1$ off any used movie or game.

    7. Unlimited same day reservations.

    Like I said, I get extra little perks.
  • Do you have to be a certain age to get one Rex? And how much are they?
  • I used to hire my games from Video Ezy, and then as son as PS2 game out they got rid of all their PS1 games. So i couldn't hire any games.

    Went to the local Blockbuster who I thought were overpriced and have been going there ever since. 2 years later they still have PS1 games (although I have a PS2) and have the best selection around.
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@Mar 5 2003, 05:11 PM
    Do you have to be a certain age to get one Rex? And how much are they?

    I don't think so and as I said in my earlier post a gold membership is free since it is based on how much I have spent there in the past.
  • I rent my games from either Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. A lot of times Blockbuster is rented out of new titles so I will go to Hollywood.
  • I generally rent my games from Video 2000, down the road. Every now and then I rent games from Video Ezy. Time to renew my membership again :huh:
  • If I do rent a game it's from my local Video shop (Video West) since the nearest Blockbuster is about 16 miles away. But mostly I'll just buy 2nd hand games and if I don't like them I just part exchange them for other games. If I do like them I just play them until I finish them a couple of times and THEN I swap them.