Instruction Manuals
  • When you get a new computer component, game, VCR, DVD player, etc. They always give you an instruction manual. Do you actually read it, or just plug the item in and go by trial and error?

    I myself just plug and go while the little lady peruses the sage volume of info. However after one week I find myself asking her what to do for some things. :blink:
  • Just whack it in, no need for instructions. (I think it's a male thing)
    If the plug fits, i'm doing it right :)
  • I just put the manual in a place and just plug it in and figure it out. If there is a whole bunch of parts that you have to put togeather, then I would then read the manual.
  • Actually once out of bordem I actually read the entire instuction manuel to Donkey Kong Country 2. Can't say I really pay attention to them usually. I'd rather figure it out for myself, because when I'm reading how to do something and trying to figure out how to apply it to slows me down.
  • I thought that nobody read instruction manuals, because i sure don't. If i am hooking something up then i just go by "if it fits then it's in the right place". If i am installing something on a computer i just continually click "Next" and if am doing something like playing a game then i just wing it.
  • Game manuals I read front to back, installation/electronics manuals I don't bother unless it catches fire.

    I really like to get into my games (not saying that you guys who don't read them don't get into your games) and by reading the manual I feel that it gives me the added depth to the game that I need to get 'into' it.
  • You mean these things come with manuals? Ohhhhhh, that's what those little paper things all my games came with were. I don't think I've ever truely read a game manual. I wired my entire Home Entertainment System(two VCR's, DVD player, surround sound, TV, Playstation2, and Xbox), my self, withtout looking at any of the instructions. My parents were just waiting for it to burst into flames the first time they turned it on <_< <br />

    Later all,
  • I read the entire Playstation 2 Manual :o may all fear me. I really dont like to look at manuals unless I need to. I guess its the testasterone in me :P
  • I generally only read game manuals. I don't know why, I guess it's just something I do. A little habit of mine. But I don't read system manuals, or anything. As pretty much everybody else, i go by the idea is that if it fits, then its right.
    Although, I plugged a computer in at school, thank the lord it was an old one. It started smoking :blink: (i kinda hope it was already broken before). Well, guess I should start reading those manuals possibly, Nah.
  • Nope i dont read them unless it all catches fire and someone is calling 911. Just press all buttons and sooner or later u will get it right.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Mar 6 2003, 02:17 PM
    [b] I
  • Remember one thing Tony:
    We are males and we dont do things wrong.
  • InstruWhat???????

    Never read them unless I get stuck and even then I make the wife read them cause as a man under law I should be persecuted if I touch them. :)

    And Rex we all know you have always needed a manual to get 'into' it. :D
  • Originally posted by Fat_Jiffy@Mar 6 2003, 04:34 PM
    And Rex we all know you have always needed a manual to get 'into' it. :D

    And while I am now getting 'into' it you are still trying to figure out how. Maybe you should get your wife to read them so she can tell you. :lol: ;)
  • Originally posted by Pinballwizard@Mar 6 2003, 09:28 PM
    Remember one thing Tony:
    We are males and we dont do things wrong.

    I can only learn so fast, geese! :D Congrads on 1000 pinballwizard ! And we don't make mistakes! :D If males don't make mistakes, does that mean females do? <_< :rolleyes: B) </font>
  • I only resort to the manual if I'm doing poorly in a game or think I'm missing something and could do better with one exception RPGs. I like to read the RPG manuals for the storys and backgrounds.

  • I only read instruction manuals when Hubby asks me to, to help him figure out something... err, I mean, to reconfirm to him that he was right all along!! ;)

    On the other hand, while building furniture of some sort (like the three desks in the office here, along with the bookshelf in here,... and the shelving units in the living room..... you get the idea), we read those manuals ever so closely!! Electronics are one thing, easy to figure out, but furniture finds us as out of our element as a Babble Fish out of an ear! :lol:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 11 2003, 04:11 PM
    a Babble Fish out of an ear!

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