What Would You Rather This Site Be Like?
  • I would much rather this site not to be too well known, the staff would have a much harder time and they would have to ask some other members to help them. There would be people being warned, sent to the cooler and banned from this site all of the time. I would much rather it stay just the way it is! :D
  • I was under the impression that this site was rather popular :huh:
  • I visited another site and it said something like over 100 users online and over 2000 thousand readers online. Imagine the topics that would be created then! That would be crazy! I know this site is kind of well known but there is only usually 20-30 people online, and I would rather keep it that way, wouldn't you?
  • I guess at first I was surprised there weren't more people on here. However, now I've found that I've kind of gotten to know some of the regulars, and I like the comraderie. I am quite content with things the way they are. I always enjoy new members, and hope they keep coming. I've tried some other big forums, not all game related and they seem cold. There's not the same interaction as here. The place is great guys keep up the good work.
  • Hmm, depends on the users.
    Since I've always hve a choice what topics to read I don't think it would hurt with more users. And more users would probably produce more staff members, so no, I wouldent mind expanding the site.
    Not that the way it is now has any downsides to it.
  • We're not really that small - 6597 members.

    No doubt a lot of those members are inactive, it is good that we are comparitively small to say I*N (<- I'd hate to swaer ;) ) or PlayStation.com because it means everyone gets to know eachother better, and everyone's posts are read (as opposed to drowning in a sea of spam).<br />
    Woo go APi! :)
  • I quite enjoy the site the way it is and I will still enjoy it when it gets bigger. This is practically my homepage.
  • I like the site for the way it is. Once I got "hooked" on this site it's just become my place to relax and just joke around if I feel like it.
  • You mean we're not popular? Go to any search engine, like perhaps google.com and type in Playstation(a pretty generic word if you think) and scroll down the page a bit to see just how popular our site is. Yes, we're 7th on the list out of 8,260,000 and i remember back when we were all the way back at 9th so i wouldn't say we're not popular. Just to give you a little info on that, right on top of us there is IGNs PS2 site and then 5 official Sony Playstation sites so there aren't small fries in front of us. Oh, and back in May and June, before we had the big website crash of 2002 we were easily harboring upwards of 90 members at a time. We topped out one day at 99(one Sunday in there) and things weren't any different than they are now, we just lost alot of members due to the forum problems. It took a long time to get that many members then and it'll probably take awhile to get that many again. Personally i like it with more members and more posting because that means more work for me and less time looking around.....but that's just me. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I'd personally rather it stay the way it is. I'm signed to a lot of boards, gaming, musical and general, but this is the only forum i'll come to daily/every time I'm on the net. This is the most friendliest forum I've ever been to, and also doesn't have spamming members, or members that just like to disagree with people. It's amazing the comraderie among the members in this forum. This is the first site I come to when I get on the net (it loads faster then Hotmail, but you get my drift). Well, as long as this site keeps the same basic principles then I don't think I'll ever get sick of this place.

  • I think this site is pretty popular, and I like it just the way it is.

    As so many others have said, it's the comaraderie here that is so enticing and keeps us coming back for more, day after day after day. At least, that is one of the reasons that I do!
    But, I just had a thought: (first time for everything, eh? ;) ) We notice that the STAFF and us Mods work hard at keeping out the 'riff-raff', spamming, flaming and what-not. But, I also think that, aside from idiots seeing how well-run we are and being put off, I think that many visitor/readers also may see what a close-knit family we are and may be put off by trying to butt into the 'click' that it appears we all have going on here. Only the hardiest of personalities seem undaunted, they come right on in, bust into our 'exclusive party' and then find themselves warmly and happily welcomed! Is any of this making sense!?!? Perhaps, because we all are so much like family, many of the "don't want to get close" sorts get scared off by the seeming exclusivity, click-ish way we all relate to each other. I know that, when I check out another site, it's sort of hard to foresee how I'm every gonna eventually fit in, seeing the way they know each other already and talk to each other. Perhaps it's that way here too. ???

    Not that it's a bad thing, don't get me wrong!!! I love the family atmosphere here, and would not change it for anything in the world!! But, I think that that may also be a reason for some people not coming in here on a more regular basis. We have loads of members, catching up on the news and such, but I think we have just the right amount of members to keep it friendly and interesting, with a good rate of growth for the regularly returning/posting members! :D

    (jeeeeeeez, she's a wordy broad, isn't she!?!?) :lol:
  • Suze, you lost me on "I think". heh, heh. Sorry, had to do it. And now i must *Run*
  • I just like it the way it is. Not to many people but the just right number of people, its great how it is.
  • Originally posted by badboy 3223@Mar 6 2003, 12:13 AM
    I just like it the way it is. Not to many people but the just right number of people, its great how it is.

    That is what I was saying! I know this site is popular but not too popular! I understand what you are saying too Madhtr, You would have allot more work there. L8er!
  • Originally posted by madhtr@Mar 5 2003, 01:14 PM
    [b]Suze, you lost me on "I think". heh, heh. Sorry, had to do it. And now i must *Run* [/b]

  • I Like things the way they are, but wouldn't mind a few more people if it happened (and I think it will).

    The site will only grow as word spreads what a friendly bunch of people we are people will be lining up to join and participate. I only really look in on 2 sites everyday and this is the one I spend the most time at.

    I also have to agree with Suze that maybe sometimes people see that comaraderie and are hesitant to join. I know I was at first and I am glad I did because it is a great bunch of people.
  • I don't really think you can answer the question posed because the site will change whether you want it to or not.

    I just wanted to say that I agree with Sus's comments though. As someone who has been a member of the forums for quite a while, I do think there is a problem with the "cliqueyness" of the site. When I first joined, as other have said, there really weren't that many people posting on a regular basis. You had the chance to get to know people better because there were less of them. The bigger the site gets, the more difficult it is to "get with the family".

    I still think twice about posting because I now know so few people on the site. I feel like a newbie all over again - a bit shy, standing in the corner with a *soft* drink, hoping someone will come and say "hi". :unsure:

    There are, of course, absolute exceptions to this - people who do open up and let you (back) in to, from the outsider's point of view, a very close knit community. However, even if I'm feeling overly sensitive and not posting, I'm still reading the posts, and I'm sure I'm not the only member doing that. :)

    I would point out, however, in case this sounds like a truly negative post, AP is the only forum I come back to. AP is one of the "cleanest" sites around, no flaming and although I don't always agree with them, some of the most healthily expressed opinions anywhere. And although I feel it is quite cliquey, the most "closed" forum I've ever visited was that for my favourite comedy programme. If you're member number wasn't between 1 and 10 and if you hadn't met any of the cast personally, you didn't stand a chance.

    To finish, I hope that AP grows and grows. To have more input from all corners of the world can surely only be a good thing.

  • Well I like all the things I like to be unpopular bec. in the philippines you'll hate things when it's popular.... You'll know what I mean if you live in the philippines...

    Another thing whe I joined here 2years ago this site was a great site eversince!!!!

    All thanks to JIM!!! nice one jim!!! :lol:
  • Isn't this thread the same as the forum suggestions thread? :huh:
  • I think Api is fine just like it is.....
    I don't mind the new look now and then but if it changed to much I may come by less often.... :o

  • Isn't this thread the same as the forum suggestions thread?[/b]

    No,spiderklown,it isn't.What Tony meant when he started this thread is would you like it if the forums here became as popular as the more mainstream ones (GameSpot,IGN,etc.) or do you prefer it as it is now (a somewhat smaller but close-knit community of gamers)?
  • This site is Ok as it is, and of course it wouldnt mater if new members joined as long as they didnt spam the place up and kept with the rules to get the forum as it is today.

    With not 1000's of active members, everyone knows each other better and have time for each other. A member ceases to not become just a name, and is actually a person.

  • Not that it matters much but I actually found this site via a search engine, I am still getting to know everyone, but at the same time I think that the size of the site is good. I admit that we don't want to have a lot of sprawling topics and all that, but it is nice to "chat" with other gamers and get their point of view in a moderated setting... uh... that sounds like it just came out of a dictionary or encyclopedia or something... man I am such a loser!

    Heh, anyways I likes the site!


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